Write: In complete sentences and a minimum of 250 words, address the following:

List the numeric scores and level of use (Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid) for each of the four Learning Patterns, then identify whether you are a Dynamic, Bridge, or Strong-willed Learner.
Describe a specific time when you used each Pattern to accomplish a task. Your examples may be from your academic, personal, or professional experiences. Each example should provide a vivid example of how you Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid the Pattern. For instance: I created color-coded folders for every week of this class. For the assignment later this week, a more general example is appropriate: I am a highly-organized person and have strategies I use to keep my life in order.
Analyze how the awareness of your Learning Patterns may help you in school, work, and/or personal relationships. Explain how can you use this knowledge to be more intentional in these areas.

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