Will online shopping continue to growWill online shopping continue to grow

Will online shopping continue to grow? Yes they will.

Will physical stores remain the cornerstone of retailing? Yes they will. In a new role they will be the foundation of what we call Omnichannel retail.

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Successful retailing has always been—and will continue to be—based on providing the greatest number of consumer options possible and creating the most value on the customers’ terms. And, in the future, that will require physical stores supplemented by digital capabilities, and retailers with the skill to get the most from each channel. Retailing has come a long way since the prehistoric moment when one human tentatively bartered with another. What may have begun as a simple one-on-one exchange of bright feathers for a polished stone has evolved into what would have seemed like science fiction only 50 years ago .For all the change we have seen, the basics of retailing remain the same. There is always a buyer, a seller, a product or service, and some location where value is exchanged. And, based on the research, it would seem that shoppers prefer—and will continue to prefer—a robust variety of shopping options, anchored by a physical store.