“Wild at Heart” is a book with a lot of information about life“Wild at Heart” is a book with a lot of information about life

“Wild at Heart” is a book with a lot of information about life, men, and its wounds. This book stated many things that would in return teach me to let go of some of the things in my life. I learned that we are always looking for our heart and can only find it when seek the true sources. These sources cannot be described in mere words or phrases, but in actions and faith. God is the true source and when we believe in him, we are blesses beyond anything we could have imagined. Adventure in itself is helps us become the person we are meant to be. We were created with masculine traits because God wanted us to live dangerously and fiercely. We were made to be wild and I’ve truly realized that one cannot do that on his own will. This world tries to turn a man full of passion into a calmed and ordinary person. We all know that something has happened to us, we know that something is missing, but don’t know how to figure it out. We hold God’s image and he must be fierce because he made things that aren’t “safe” but they are still good. God is jealous and he won’t let Satan take his well earned bride from his clutch. John Eldridge makes William Wallace as an example. He points out that he is brave and is willing to do a lot of things. God is like this because he did whatever it took to get his creation back from Satan. If you would like to understand what masculinity is, you first have to know that it is given. A boy’s father can either tell him what he wants to know or he can completely destroy their lives. Fathers have this power over any child they have including the females. Boys like physical contact from their parents but especially from their father. If a mother clings to their son in their adolescence, the son will tear away violently and it will be very painful for them. The mothers will feel hurt and will take this personal so it wouldn’t be a good idea to cling. A boy learns who he is by the group that he is around. This means if the mother is more present than the father, the boy is most likely going to be more feminine than masculine. The same thing goes if it’s the other way around. If you are taught to be nice to everyone but not ever stand up for yourself, you will be emasculate for life. Even Jesus flipped tables when he was angry. From that day forward, that person will be passive and fearful when approached with this kind of situations. Women like to marry guys who are wild, and then they like to tame them so they are the alpha. Guys aren’t wired to be tame and to sit in a chair still all day. We are meant to be up living dangerously. The church looks masculine from the outside, but on the inside it has turned feminine. Society doesn’t know how to make boys into men and they also don’t really know if they want to. Society is really good at making boys but really bad at making men. The world can’t give you the name you want, but only God can because he is the only one who truly knows you. If a man doesn’t know what his name is, he won’t know if he has what it takes to be a man. Us men like to minimize the wound we have in our life, which is one of the main reasons we think that it is a shameful thing. God is fully committed to getting us back to our ways and design. God has wanted to initiate us for a long time. The men in this world are all embarrassed by our emptiness and woundedness. We are usually quite harsh when talking about our broken places. Our true essence of strength is from our union with the one and only God. When God learned that you had received a wound, he was furious. All people like to bury the wound they have received and never take it back out again. Our intimate union with God is our source of all healings. Men like to believe that if they need the help of another is a handicap or a source of weakness. God will never do the something the same way twice. If we let God heal our wounds, we will live life most likely less stressed and happier with our circumstances. We wants our sin to stay independent even if that means that we have to put it above all else. If us men don’t have a battle to fight, our inner fighter will never come out. We are hardwired to be a warrior and to fight for the ones we love but we need the battle to fight first. We have to be devoted to a specific cause even if it means to the death. We can be sabotaged when we give our strength up as well as when the world decides to corrupt our strength. The world offers all people a false sense of power and a false sense of security as well. Satan came into this world wanting to divide and conquer the people of it. He hates marriage with all of his heart because it is a commitment to fight against anything that comes to them.