Whenever I am feeling under the weatherWhenever I am feeling under the weather

Whenever I am feeling under the weather, my mom is always there for me to make me feel better and help me out. She always has the best advice that helps me make the right choices and leave my problems aside. I remember when I was about eight years old, there was a boy in my classroom who made fun of me, and on this day, he made me feel utterly horrible, and I came home crying. My mom immediately realized that something was wrong, and we talked it out. She told me many wise and comforting words- that she would do whatever she could to help me, that I should always stand up for myself, that all of the rude comments were false, that no matter how rude someone might be, you have to be patient, that nobody you meet is perfect, and that she loved me. I have carried out that advice throughout my life, and it has shaped me and helped me deal with the most difficult situations.
Similarly, my dad always knows the comforting words to say when I feel bad. He is very sage, and I can always learn something important from his words. I recall in fourth grade, there was a very repulsive and loathsome bully in my class who had bothered me so much that day, I had to see the counselor so that I could calm down. When I told him what had happened that day, he was very upset that I had been picked on, but he said he was proud that I stood up for myself. He hugged me and told me many loving words, and I felt so much better and comfortable afterwards.
My mom and dad are the people who comfort me, wipe my tears, support me, make me laugh, listen to me, give me confidence, watch me grow, and inspire me to be a better person every day. These two people, who both share the roles as my parents, have shaped me and my values. Their two different personalities have given me my characte