When you meet someoneWhen you meet someone

When you meet someone, instead of getting their number we now say, find me on Facebook, Instagram, MySpace or other social media outlets. For many years children growing up have had different ideas of entertainment, some kids played outside while others had a face-to-face conversation. But recently, Facebook and other social media platforms have changed everything, including adolescence. In today’s society, we can’t imagine life without social media and the many electronic devices we have that connects us to outlets like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Which makes the topic whether social media is harmful or beneficial for teenagers, a popular topic around America. We have to admit when we hear the words social media, we immediately tallying up all the negatives. What good comes from teens on the phone 24-7, taking non-stop selfies? Besides the negative things about social media, there are so many more positive things contributed to social media. Social Medis is a great way to boost self-esteem and stay in touch with old friends from around the world.
First of all, social media provides a place where teens can freely express themselves.