What if we were all honestWhat if we were all honest

What if we were all honest? We wouldn’t have to make up excuses or bend the truth, we would feel better about ourselves and have better relationships .Researchers say white lies may seem harmless at the time but bending the truth can cause physical and mental health.

Honesty is the easiest thing you can practice in order to be happy and successful in life, but honesty is not always about telling the truth. It’s about being true to others and yourself about you and your needs. Honesty is part of the foundation that makes us unique and important.it can take you places in life you could have never imagined and change the eyes of people around you. When being honest people can discover your true identity by how and what you say.

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The opposite of lying is honesty. Whether you lie to others or yourself it is equally as bad. When lying you try to make yourself believe what you are saying. You confuse you and your pairs and can put yourself at risk. We weave ourselves a web that is to strong to get out of. Lying produces a good feeling but that feeling fades as you start to realize what you’ve done. In the end lying gets us nowhere .We either stay where we are or even worse go backwards.

Honesty and seeking the truth is always the way to go. In an honesty experiment done by 2 university of notre dame professors , results showed that honesty is better for our health .When you tell the truth but are tempted to lie, you can improve your physical and mental health. When being honest you inspire others to do the same and live a happy life. People want to follow in your shoes to realize that honesty is not hard at all. When wanting people to think you are responsible, just be honest and yourself. Telling the truth there and then can help you achieve great things in life.

So, for a healthy relationship and for building trust , honesty is key. Remember that honest people are always the most happiest and successful in life. So to lead a joyful and successful life ,be honest.