We must able to identify someone who has been harmed

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We must able to identify someone who has been harmed ,in order to say that delaying the age of first childbearing is wrong or unfair. To delay conception might produce a better world,or produce a world with higher levels of overall well-being.By producing a small number of children which could have a higher quality of life. Granting a tree, a mountain and bird intrinsic value is the first step towards an ecocentric world and a better planet.Humans are the carries of intrinsic value and, therefore ,all other living things are othere to sustain human’s humanity existance.The ecological footprint resulted from human’s greediness and has lead to massive alterations in nature’s balance .We as humans have responsibility to all biological life on Earth.,because we are capable of thinking and perceiving Earth as a whole.We have a responsibility to the innate worth to alk living things,regardless of theur usefulness of humans.


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