Unhealthy food should be banned from the school canteen Unhealthy food should be banned from the school canteen

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Unhealthy food should be
banned from the school canteen

Unhealthy food should be banned from the school canteen, well I strongly agree with that idea. Everyone knows unhealthy food or junk food is not good for your health but if you don’t know that, well this is what i am going to talk about in this discussion:
Gives you many diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke.
Consuming junk food changes children’s behaviour
Litter problems
Fast food contains carbohydrate and calories.

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Firstly, A diet high in saturated and trans fat can lead to high blood cholesterol, one of the high risk for heart disease and stroke. A lot of sodium raise your blood pressure on the other side, a lot of fat can lead to obesity, Which both can lead to heart disease.
QUESTION TIME- Do you know How much junk food is consumed by adults as a daily intake?
About 31% of adults daily intake is junk food and guess what children have about 41% of junk food in there daily diets, HOLY MOLY

Now let’s go to the second point, Consuming junk food changes children’s behaviour.
Smith (2005) insured that there are many additives that change causes behaviour issues like poor concentration and Hyperactivity. In fact, The Food Show (2005) have stated that That reducing the selling of junk food in schools, improves children behaviour. The show even stats the many fast food have chemicals in them that are addictive which trigger behaviour issues.

Another reason schools should ban junk food is because of litter. Most junk food is wrapped in plastic or cardboard, which needs to be disposed. But our disrespectful students discard junk food packaging all around the school instead of putting in in the bin. Litter is dangerous to our community, our school, Life around us. Many schools have tested this way and have said that It reduces the amount of liter
And increase the amount of energy and health.

In conclusion, you should ban junk food from schools because eating a lot of junk food gives you diseases , It can change your behaviour and Leaves a lot of litter behind, when students taste the goodness of healthy food the will leave behind junk food go and live a healthier life.


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