Topic: Innovation
Title: Distribution of cars in the way of human development
Word count: 261
All the time innovation has been played an important role in human life and leads us to better living standards. Cars which are considered groundbreaking developments in late 19th century are now admitted as one of the most successful invention.

The true automobile was initially invented by Karl Benz in 1885/1886 but Henry Ford was a person who made this innovation as business in 1920. Henry Ford manufactured cars with another revolutionized way which was known as assembly line and able to accelerate the gathering process. As a result cars were produced in huge numbers. In this way Henry Ford achieved to proof his ideology “everybody will have one” (Bennett J, 1990, p299). It can be seen that in 1924 10 millions of Model T cars rolled in the assembly line.

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Nowadays, the reason that transportation system over the world is considered as a key part of human life is its comfortableness. In details Mercedes-Benz Chief designer reported the main aspect is not make it right for everybody but the vital point for any status brand creating design authentic and true to its roots (M.Askari,2014 November 7). Moreover, designer claimed ” creating the design of automobiles as well as this is not about asking what things will be like, it is about creating the future” (M.Askari,2014 November 7). If design of automobile informs us about the future, in those cases some of us will automatically depend on the brands that produce our dream cars. Finally, it is true that innovation of technology in every field demanding in the quickest growing world.

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