This is 17This is 17

This is 17.

Seventeen is being able to spread your wings and fly. You finally get to leave the nest as you are trusted more by your mom You can stay out later with your friends. You are allowed to go to a concert in Chicago with your two best friends for a weekend, which is something that you know you wouldn’t have been able to do a year ago.

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At 17 you are still in high school ; making lots of decisions about your future while still taking lots of difficult classes. In those classes you have a lot of homework. You have to figure out how to balance all of that on top of your social life, and work. You are asked to figure out what you want to do with your future and have to decide if you want to go to college or just go straight into a job. If you want to go to college you have to decide what college. You have to figure out everything dealing with financial aid and how you plan on paying for it. You have to figure out your major. You have to have your entire future planned out.

Seventeen is discovering new type of music besides the mainstream stuff. You discover that you like more than just country and pop music. You start listening to bands that you never heard of. If you have you never thought you would ever actually listen to them on a regular basis. You start listening to rock music and find out you like it more than anything else that you have listened to before.

At 17 you start to realize who your true friends are. You start to see who never actually was there for you and who was always there for you. You start to see your friend group change. You are no longer friends with people you were super close to and trusted with literally anything. You make new friends. You notice your friend group becoming smaller as the year goes on and not including as many people as it did in the past.

Seventeen is finally learning to drive when everyone else around you already has their driver’s license. You finally get the money to pay for drivers training and get the ability to drive. You realize that trying to get 50 hours of driving is really difficult to do especially when you are always super busy with other things. You can finally start working towards getting your license so that you don’t have to ask for rides from people every time you have to do something. You finally won’t feel like you are annoying your friends everytime you ask them for a ride.

Seventeen is knowing that sleep is important. It is also knowing you have to stay up for one more hour to finish that reading assignment or study for that test. Otherwise you are going to be in serious trouble when tomorrow comes and your teacher asks for the assignment or it’s time for the test and you don’t know anything on it.

Seventeen is realizing that you can’t do everything that you would like to. You have to prioritize things and cut some things from your plan or push back different ideas until you can make the time or money or both to be able to do them.

This is 17. This is me.