There is still a period of two years whereby UK can make a final exitThere is still a period of two years whereby UK can make a final exit

There is still a period of two years whereby UK can make a final exit,during this waiting period UK and EU has to look after various factors which will be prone to change after this brexit like the security and criminal law as we find that people businesses are established in each other countries and they like to find into security in that country they have to follow the laws and norms of that specific law of that of the several state members of the union countries. Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union the UK’s commitment to a deep and special partnership in both economic and security spheres.After brexit both countries will work under a specific legal framework whereby there will be a mutual corporation bewtween them on security law and crime justice wich will brought in a special new agreement and this will allow proper running of business across the countryand also they would continue to help each other to combat terrorism acroos cross borders.

It is consulted that the European union has always been getting help from the British government whether its in form of police or judicial matters.In 2015 Uk has decided to leave Eu when the Eu have observed that there has been a great number of refugees coming up to settle hereby voluntary and unvoluntary as such Eu had decided to strengthen there security measures of cross border activities,internal security inorder to avoid encounter with terrorism.As such if Uk has to chose which measures it will adpot with the union inorder to secure uk also even if he has decided to leave the union completely or partly as it has often been oberseved that Uk has often not decided to collaborate with the union for different projects.Before 2004 extradiction was diffcult but afterward with the successful implementation of the European Arrest Warrant tool they have been successfully extraditing unwanted person who are involved in criminal activities within week. Uk has always particiapate actively with the Eu agencies to facilitiate into fighting against terrorism in cross border crime.Thus there has always been a cooperation between these two on the border matters as they always want to safeguard there countries and citizens.As such there is the maximum possibly that there willl not be great changes on this aspect and even uk become an “engaged outsider” with the union but both have a vital mutual interest as such would collaborate together. It is consulted that Uk is the second largest contributor in Europe to the Europol information system but we find that after brexit there can be chances that the priviledeges that Uk have in the participation in police and judicial coperation in criminal matters may end and they don’t know if wheter they will be able to participate as a third member country and what extend they will lose their influence on future Eu decision on data protection on crimnal records.With the rising acts of terrorism and threats specially the cases of 2017 there has been a delimma between them on their secret data protection and who have soverenity over them.It is also consulted that France has threatened to stop providing securityts end of the Eurotunnel if Uk leave the union and eventually uk will have less immigrants entering uk labour market.But even with that threat UK still collaborate with the union as we observe that July 2016 Julian King was appointed the new European Commissioner from the UK with the Security Union which was formed by Eu and Eu wants to be stronger whereby there will be more security for the citizens.British always always considered in ‘preventing British or other unions criminals leaving Uk and espacing the Uk justice and putting them in jail’.Thus they collaborate together inorder to combat terrorism.As such thous the brexit but there are less chances that there could be any changes in the laws of that particular matter as combatting terrorism is a very serious issue for European Union and Uk thus as such they are more surely work together inorder to protect their nations and citizens.

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Furthermore this criteria has been admissible but how far it going with the brexit procedure as less than two years has been left for this brexit calamity to end up.

The Uk has a cordial realationship with Eu law when come to the development of judicial coperation in criminal crimes. There is a mutual recognition between Uk and Eu where Uk is allowed to have a protection in the space of common law of the Eu criminal law and have a protection in legal assistance.In the context of brexit there has been limited discussion for the future judicial cooperation and futhermore judicial cooperation in criminal cases are areas which are very delicate in terms of politically and technically henceforth finding solutions are quite diffcult.It is noted that Uk has the possibilty to either accept or discard the parameters of judicial cooperation.Uk has decided to have a mutual trust with Eu oncertain aspect inorder to counter attack terrrorism and also have a a corporation to protect from cross border criminal matters hereby the laid emphasis on : Legislation allowing for mutual recognition as the basis for enhanced cooperation: e.g., the European Arrest Warrant as this allow the ability to coperate across borders.It is also noted that as the law is mainly related to harmonisation they will not be a directly on uk upon its withdrwal from EU.But it is said that if brexit happened there would be changes in various level as Uk participation has a widespread recognition.Further to add but there may be changes in technical level as such the EU Paper ‘Essential Principles on Ongoing Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters has came up whereby they have added all the measures like : European Investigation Order (EIO), the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) amongst other measures will have there constructive transitional provision and there will not be any obstacles during the brexit process and if Eu wants to continue collaborate with Uk then special arrangement are to be made by consdering Uk as a third country party henceforth continue to combating cross-border serious and organised crime.

It is consulted that ”the cooperation the criminal law with the Eu is often categorised as politically controversial but Uk has also given its full support whether be political of pratical to Eu judicial cooperation in criminal matters”
It is consulted that Uk is facing many terrorist threats across the world and Uk main target is its national security.Uk and Eu used to work together by the act of exchanging information within the concerned countries which will ultimately help to prevent acts of terrorism.There is lot of discussion going on to whether Uk will still form part of The Europol and have access to the crimianal database ,sign the new regulations that will give greater powers to scrunitize over the Europol or they will lose or gain the acessbility. Uk is said to be the second greatest contributor of for Europol criminal and intelligence database .The main area of concern post brexit is the information exhange of public and private sectors concering the data protection against crimes as Uk is often criticised to be slow in that matter and here maybe an inbalance in the economy if threats are not steer up henceforth both economy should enjance their business to work in a corporative manner as described by Lord Harris Review in support of the London Mayor. Being critized to be slow now if Uk leave the Eu the collaboration would be more time consuming and diffcult to perform.Other say both are working very collaborately but if the disassociated themselves then they have already started working on an exit strategywhich would help both to still combat terrorism. The Europol has always been a big paltform to organise the framework of a good criminal law and bring up legisaltion and a good cooperation for the security issues and this Europol has been a best acheived by the Eu. Futhermore Eu could find brexit as an opportunity to no more let Uk be a monopolised asset in the circulation of information just because its is considered to be a largest contributor and also Uk will be considered as a third party and if no agreement is signed up before there are chances that all rights will be waived out and uk may take up all information that he has share up and it will be diffcult for both Eu and UK to combatt terrorism. European Union and Uk thus as such they are more surely work together inorder to protect their nations and citizens.

The goverment has decided to provide new indication for combatting Eu crime fighting within Uk territory if brexit happen even if Uk has made it clear that it will still cooperate in combatting terrorism and protecting the boders.The Europol has always been an ”important for Uk policy”.Members say that if Uk leave the Eu it will demand a ”bigger control over