The US economy as greatly affected REI retail operationsThe US economy as greatly affected REI retail operations

The US economy as greatly affected REI retail operations, with the unemployment rate at an all-time low more Americans have the means to engage in outdoor activities and necessary equipment needs. With this change REI has seen significant increase in sales from 2015 to 2016, making them able to give back 70 percent of their profits. Sustainability is a social and culture trend that affects REI. REI currently holds a standard of 100% green power commitment, they uphold this standard by generating their own energy with solar panels on the roofs on their headquarters and distribution centers.

2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Changes also affects REI as they have made a commitment to be climate neutral by 2020 by identifying, tracking and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. For their consumers who wish to make a change in their environment offering various merchandise such as bicycles and shoes for walking will help to rude their carbon foot print.

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REI offers variety of ways for members and consumers to access the company for help rather than going into store locations. With the use of email and live chat, available Monday through Sunday, REI provides an open line of communication to members and costumers.

2. REI also offers a variety of mobile apps on the apple and google platforms for consumers. With the growing usage of smart phones and demand for mobility usage REI has created 8 different apps to fit the lifestyle of their consumers. Each app focuses on one activity which offers personalization for what you like instead of having to navigate through unwanted material. On the negative side with 8 different apps many consumers may have to choose which app they would want to use the most as to not take away memory space from their