The topic for the essay isThe topic for the essay is

The topic for the essay is, does media violence cause behavior violence.
Media violence is an exposure of violence through media, which includes television, movies, music, and video games etc. The Myth of Violence seeks to expand the conversation about media violence beyond simple arguments of disapproval or support. According to research and survey media violence does cause behavior violence.
Many suggest the violence in media is not from the media, it is from the society/culture as well. The violence that is occurring is actually due from the mentally ill, poor parenting and the location/environment where one lives. As said children mostly imitate the parents and their surrounding, but still most of the parents expose children toward media and that also has a lot of impact on their actions.
According to some of the recourses and research the exposure of media, television, newspaper, books, cartoon and games are the causes and increase of aggression and violence in behavior of today’s generation, but media violence can not only be television or the above that mentioned it can also be gossips that moves from one person to a group of people that is also a form of media violence that creates violence behavior without knowing the fact or the outcome of it.
Violence has always played a huge role in the media, it everywhere around the world, this essay will support that media have contribution to violence behavior