The SDG’s have drawn criticism for being too broadThe SDG’s have drawn criticism for being too broad

The SDG’s have drawn criticism for being too broad.
There are too many goals to communicate effectively.
It is also more complex and more difficult to implement.
It is difficult to monitor and received data from governments; therefore the statisticts could not be accurate.
Another significant criticism is that it does not take into account the political and cultural aspects of peace, and the context of the conflict.
A huge concern is the extent of the finances needed in order to achieve such a long list of targets.

Sustainable Development makes no sense talking about the sustainable use of a non-renewable resource.

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It gives no clear understanding about non-renewable resource. They can not measure sustainability in any unit whatsoever.

There is no alternatives to compute and calculate the necessities. It is difficult to address the needs for the present generation and also future generations.

The system of Sustainable Development is integrative. Sustainable Development has no subdivision for interconnecting these components of it appropriately.

Unsuccessfully attempts to join two opposing things: environmental protection and financial expansion

Sustainable development is of root Western focusing on the ideological comprehension of previous methodologies.

Concentrating its efforts on the unsustainable development of economic growth.
Many experts believe that environmental protection sustains the whole sustainable development strategy.

Sustainable Development has an imperialist character; it only benefit a certain part of humanity, rather than to all people.