The person that I interviewed is DrThe person that I interviewed is Dr

The person that I interviewed is Dr. John Huang, he is a staff physical therapist and marketing and media director for Movement Specialists Physical Therapy (MSPT). In 2010, he received his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis. Also, he received his Physical Therapy degree at Washington University School Medicine in St. Louis in 2016. What interested me about him the most is that he is a professional disc jockey and incorporates music and dance during therapy to make the experience fun. I do not know any other Physical Therapist who does that except him.
During the interview Dr. John was a nice and kind individual, we had sort of a conversation instead of strict sessions of questions and answers. Since we both got along well, I felt less nervous when interviewing him about physical therapy and his journey in becoming one. He was very open when sharing his experiences and at times, his personal life.