The hardest setback I have ever had to face was being expelled from high school in 2015

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The hardest setback I have ever had to face was being expelled from high school in 2015. During my freshman year, I was expelled for bringing marijuana on school grounds. I brought marijuana into the school to give to another student and that someone else was planning to sell the substance to other students and ended up getting caught by teachers. I gave him the marijuana so he could get rid of it and I could make a quick buck because i didn’t want to deal with it anymore and was too scared to tell either of my parents about it. Upon finding out he had been caught I went into the school office and turned myself into my principal and school counselor wanting to take some of the blame away from him. Looking back at it now I realize I was just a dumb kid trying to make a little extra cash to ease some of the burden on my mother. At the time my household was struggling with funds and I didn’t want my mom to have to worry about if i needed money for school or extra things when she had more important bills to pay. I do not use that as an excuse for what I did but that is my reason for doing it. Since then I have learned from my idiotic mistake and have tried as hard as I can in school to make up for the semester and a half that I missed. Now in my senior year, I have an average GPA of 3.42 and usually get high Bs to low As in all of my classes. I like to think that I have been able to turn my high school experience around when comparing where I am now to where I was four years ago.


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