The first advantage of online newspapers seems to be one of the strongestThe first advantage of online newspapers seems to be one of the strongest

The first advantage of online newspapers seems to be one of the strongest. It’s immediately accessible Instead of waiting for the newspaper in the morning we can easily go on computer, phone, or tablet to see what the latest news is. This also includes things that have happened that day. Online news is currently circulating and changing allowing us to get the maximum amount of information in the smallest amount of time possible. Secondly, modern media news is more entertaining. The news casts are energetic while broadcasting which receives a positive perspective from the viewers which gives them higher ratings. When we watch the news online we get a better visual image of what’s going on. They show actual photos and footage of the story which produces emotion to the audience. Meanwhile, newspapers are straight up boring. These stories are printed out on grayish colored paper and the photos have limited color to them. A newspaper only shows maybe 1 or 2 photos per story that doesn’t give any type of emotion what so ever. Internet Media allows users to comment on content created by publishers. All comments are in real time. They enrich published content, and empower people to share views while the Traditional Media is tightly controlled. All communication is one-way, that is from the editor to the readers.

In conclusion, the new media and traditional media are similar in their purposes, procedures and target audience. However, they differ in publication time, availability to networking and censorship. Although newspapers remain somewhat popular today, but will gradually be replaced by the desire to read the news through electronic sources. This may be a loss given their history, but unfortunately it is an unavoidable development.

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