The environment is very important for peopleThe environment is very important for people

The environment is very important for people. If there is no environment, people can’t sustain their lives. Even though people need environment, they have negative impact on the environment. There are four negative effects on the environment of humans. The first effect is pollution. People pollute the air, water and earth every day. Air pollution is linked to increased use of cars. Therefore, we should prefer public transportation because we need fresh air for life. People also need clean water. Nowadays, water pollution is increasing and we are responsible for this. For example, people pour grease into the sink and the water gets dirty. When we pollute the water, we harm the marine life. Another example is we pour factory wastes into the water. This damages both the water and the earth. We damage ourselves if we pollute the earth. The second effect is wasting resources. Humans are increasingly wasting water resources thus drought is increasing in the World. There are many ways to stop water wastage. For instance, people shouldn’t wash the dishes by hands instead we should use the dishwasher. Also, people damage the environment when they use a lot of paper towels because trees are cut to produce them. The third effect is war. Wars in the World lead to permanent damage to nature and animals. Another permanent damage is use of deodorant causes the ozone layer depletion. The last effect is unconscious hunting. If we go fishing during the fishing ban period, we harm marine life. Finally, I hope impact of humans on the environment increasing positively because we need nature to live in.