The daughter of the firm’s chief operating officer is scheduled to participate associate exceedinglyThe daughter of the firm’s chief operating officer is scheduled to participate associate exceedingly

The daughter of the firm’s chief operating officer is scheduled to participate associate exceedingly|in a very} employment interview for an entry-level position within the IT organization next week. you’re a sophomore worker in your firm’s IT organization United Nations agency can participate within the interview method. {you can|you’ll|you may} be one amongst 3 those who will interview her to {make|to create} AN assessment and make a gaggle call concerning whether or not or not she is going to be offered the position. however does one handle this example

–”Develop problem statement”:

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if I chose CEO daughter while she is not competent that may cause imperfection at the work , unfairness for competent participants , and make unethical step that may cause people to think in the long run it’s something normal to do .

–”Identify alternatives”:

1- Choose participates according to there CV , certifications , not there relations .
2- Choose one who can provide benefits for the company .
3- Choose one’s who really need the job .

–”Evaluate and choose alternative”:

Based on ethical and legal reasons .
put the influence in choosing the CEO daughter at the point of view .
If the CEO daughter is a competent participant she should trust the evaluation group .

–”Implement decision and Evaluate results”:

we choose some one who is qualified , responsible , able to provide what is expected from him . We will be able to choose the right participants if we apply the alternative and follows code of ethics .

Question 2:

1,2- A family member of mine used to work at elementary school and moved to hight school
There was some doucuments needed to be deal with , there was person who was responsible for these doucuments , these doucuments was given for this person to work on it and provide it to the Ministry of Education because this is that person work and was trust to do it , but after a while nothing happened , when that person was asked he kept delaying and doing nothing , after all that my family member go to the Ministry of Education and solve the problem
by himself

3 – this situation causes an ethical dilemma because evreyone have his own job , take the responsiblty to do it , that’s what you take your salary for, that’s what make the organization run , this is also a work ethic . If everyone just act like this person at this situation nothing will be done .

my family member shouldn’t do everything by him self and report the school leader
, And must confirm that this person is punished , even if just let him do extra job for his Neglecting .

Pros : I don’t see any pros , but my my family member says iThis solution was a shortcut to the time .

Cons :
1- It’s not fair for employee if they do there job and others jobs
2- It waste time and Reduces organization productivity .
3 – Causes dependence on others , and reduces the amount of work done, and thus reduces the productivity of the community.

Question 3:
•1- “WannaCry, WannaCrypt, WannaCryptor, or Wcry is that the most severe ransomware attack thus far in 2017, infecting over ten.000 organizations in over a hundred and fifty countries (including Saudi Arabia)”.
“On may twelfth, the WannaCryptor (WannaCry) ransomware family started to unfold and infect thousands of PCs everyplace the world. in exactly twenty four hours, the quantity of infections has spiked to 220,000 PCs worldwide.”

“WannaCry has unfold like inferno within the Mideast, creating Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a primary target because it tried to cripple Saudi Arabia’s biggest telecoms Company (STC) on Monday fifteen might, 2017. Thankfully, the ransomware’s try was straightaway frustrated some time past.”


1-“Upgrade your Windows systems and apply the Microsoft patch MS17-010 to fix this vulnerability, and ensure you always apply all Windows updats as soon as they are available”.
2-“It is highly recommended to do a regular backup for your data and systems.
3-To ensure sound protection against the growing ransomware and sophisticated malware threats, we also recommend that you get Cisco Security Bundles”. 
4-“If you are an Office 365 user, it is important to use Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, which has machine learning capability that blocks dangerous email threats, such as the emails carrying ransomware”.

•2- “Ransomware : mamba Ransomware attacked the KSA on July 2017, and company networks within Saudi Arabia were targeted”. “Mamba Ransomware appeared in 2016 in USA and was one of the 1st viruses that write in code not files, however whole exhausting drives
It uses a legitimate tool DiskCryptor for full disk encryption”. “Adversaries gain access to the network of the attacked company and through the aid of Ransomware and encrypts the entire disk and additionally encrypts the disk partitions”. “The elapid snake Ransomware will solely be decrypted by the hackers”.


1-avoid the attainable sources of Ransomware – don’t authorize any macros in any document that has come back to you from the online.
2-Stay faraway from email from unknown senders – don’t open them or transfer any of their attachments.
3- scan your laptop often to avoid even additional cyber threats. and also the essential recommendation once it involves Ransomware: please learn to stay copies of your vital information.
4- copy as several of your vital files as you’ll, as elapid Ransomware targets files and if you have got copies hold on on a separate drive, nobody are going to be able to blackmail you

•3- “Shamoon: It is a terribly harmful wiper malware.”
“Wiper is that the category name of malwares that wipe out arduous drives. Usually, wiped information isn’t recoverable” . “Shamoon was the most far-famed wiper thus far.,”shamoon attack was by Shamoon fifteen August 2012 , and the target was Saudi Aramco that was chosen due to deep political conflict between Saudi peninsula and Iran.”
1-If a discovered threat exploits one or additional network services like a shot disable and block access to those services till a patch has been applied.

2-Firewall use ought to be heavily applied to block all incoming connections from external sources to services that shouldn’t be in public accessible.

3-Complex positive identifications build it tough to crack password files on compromised computers

Question 3 part 2: