The Crucible by Arthur Miller written in the 1950s demonstrates dangers of paranoia in the 16th century using the Salem witch trials as an exampleThe Crucible by Arthur Miller written in the 1950s demonstrates dangers of paranoia in the 16th century using the Salem witch trials as an example

The Crucible by Arthur Miller written in the 1950s demonstrates dangers of paranoia in the 16th century using the Salem witch trials as an example. Since paranoia is a natural human emotion or thought, it would be relevant and can be applied to any society or place. A modern example of paranoia is refugees, that they are dangerous. As a response, we put in place laws and tougher screening tests. As of 2018, President of the United States to reduced the number of refugees admitted to the country over 2018 to below 50,000, making it the lowest number ever since 1980. The said complication has created a passionate debate within the administration, citing security concerns and limited resources as grounds for cutting the number of admissions. This would be the 2nd time that Mr. Trump used his executive authority to lessen the influx of Refugees.

Refugees are people who are forced to leave there in order to escape war or persecution. Half of those crossing the Mediterranean are from Syria, 20% are from Afghanistan and 7% from Iraq. IOM estimated that 3,692 migrants and refugees lost their lives in the Mediterranean in 2015 trying to escape to better living conditions. To escape, Refugees have to go to accepting countries, which could be hard to find. For example, Germany took over 1 million refugees in 2014, but Almost 300,000 crimes (9 percent of the total crime amount) were connected to refugees/asylum-seekers in 2016, up to 42 percent.
statistics indicate that of almost 4,000 rapes were recorded in the years 2015 and 2016, the percentage of non-national perpetrators jumped in that time from 33 to 38 percent. While for refugees to enter the US, An approval of the refugee’s written application, or “file,” ensuring that the refugee meets the requirements for admission into the US is needed, security background check, and a face-to-face interview with refugee officials, to independently confirm the refugee’s identity and the details of his or her account of persecution. The entire process typically takes 18 months to two years.

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Not all refugees are good people. Most governors have said that they will not allow Syrian refugees into their states (though they have no legal authority to block them). People are paranoid of refugees because of recent terror attacks like 9/11. The Syrian refugees are strangers from an unfamiliar and terrifying part of the world. It’s our instinct to be distrustful of those whom we perceive as being “them” rather than “us”. The probability of Getting Killed by a Refugee Terrorist Is One in 3.6 Billion. Xenophobia, fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners entered the English language in the late 1800s, It comes from the Greek words “Xenos,” meaning stranger or guest and “Phobos,” meaning fear and panic. When we fear outsiders, our brains exaggerate their threat.

The Crucible focuses on the inconsistencies of the Salem witch trials and the extreme behaviour. The citizen of Salem accused each other of being witches out of fear of being alleged as one. Using little affirmation and paranoia in their claims. In the case of refugees, they arrive in our land with little more than the clothes on their backs, struggling against language and cultural barriers. Refugees can be mistreated and preyed upon because they are different even though most of them are good. In additions, the ones that are bad could be used to represent the entire community, raising unreasonable suspicion and home support of refugees travel.

When one considers refugees forced to leave their home and evil refugees enter ours, it’s clear that the crucible is still relevant in the 21st century. America is a country obsessed with fear, you need only turn on any of the 24-hour news networks or to check your social media feeds to see any number of horrifying news stories and the inherent need to find someone to blame for them. Just like Arthur Miller states,”I had immense confidence in the applicability of the play to almost any time, the reason being it’s dealing with a paranoid situation”.