The botanical name of the plant from which chocolate is produced is Theobramba cacaoThe botanical name of the plant from which chocolate is produced is Theobramba cacao

The botanical name of the plant from which chocolate is produced is Theobramba cacao, which in Latin means “food of the gods”;

The earliest registered use of chocolate is attributed to the tribes of southern Mexico (100 BC), they made from cocoa beans a chocolate drink;

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People use cocoa beans to produce chocolate. Cocoa pods and beans grow on the “tree” of cocoa. Most scientists believe that cocoa trees were domesticated about 4000 years ago in South America;

the fruit of the cocoa tree grows right on the trunk. It looks like a small melon, and in the inner pulp contains from twenty to forty grains or beans;

The time of growth of cocoa trees can reach 200 years, but the fruiting period is only 25 years;

In 1528 the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes brought cocoa beans from South America, as a gift to the Spanish royal family. Soon all the Spanish Nobles began to drink hot chocolate with spices;

For the first time a chocolate bar was made in Mexico about 300 years ago;

In the 1840s, the British company Cadbury began to mass produce edible chocolate;

you need almost 900 cocoa beans to make a kilogram of chocolate;

Cocoa beans in nature are classified into 300 flavors and 400 flavors;

chocolate has flavonoids, inherent in all cocoa trees, and, therefore, supports the cardiovascular system;

penyethylene and anadamide contained in chocolate, have the effect of an antidepressant;

According to Italian researchers: women who regularly eat chocolate – have a better sex life, unlike those who do not. They had a high level of desire, excitement and satisfaction from sex.

chocolate contains a small amount of cannabinoids (chemicals from the same family as the components of marijuana) and stimulants, such as theobromine, phenylethylamine and caffeine, but in order to make the effect visible, you need to eat at least 13 kilograms of chocolate;

Studies show that dark chocolate improves memory, sharpness of attention, speed of reaction and ability to solve problems, by increasing the flow of blood to the brain;

Milk chocolate is useful for athletes after training, it helps to restore muscles more than sports drinks;

It helps during pregnancy. Relaxes the muscles and strengthens the vessels;
It is known that Napoleon took chocolate with him to military campaigns and ate it when he needed to quickly restore strength;

the definition of “white chocolate” is wrong at the root. According to production standards, real chocolate should contain a chocolate liqueur that is not in white chocolate;

the largest consumers of chocolate are the British, who eat about eight kilograms of chocolate per person per year, and the Swiss, who invented, among other things, white chocolate consuming just under 11 kilograms per person per year;

In one year, the world produces up to 3 million tons of cocoa, which is slightly less than half of the coffee crop;

Chocolate people spend seven billion dollars every year. The average level of chocolate consumption per year is 5.5 kg per person;

The most expensive chocolate in the world is called “Madeleine”. It was created by Fritz Knipschild, a culinary specialist from Connecticut;

Best of all with dark chocolate combines red wine. Champagne is considered a fairly acidic drink for use with this product;

Chocolate is deadly for dogs and cats. Theobromine, a substance that stimulates the work of the heart muscle and the central nervous system, causes poisoning in dogs.

Melting chocolate in the mouth of a person can lead to a longer-lasting effect of “euphoria” than kissing;

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest chocolate bar weighs 5 026 pounds (about 2,400 kilograms). It was made by Elah-Dufour United Food Companies in Turin, Italy in March 2000.