Students tend to denounce their actions of plagiarizing to time constraints

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Students tend to denounce their actions of plagiarizing to time constraints, no available clear policy and to that every student is doing it. Shahabuddin (2009, p. 353) suggested that new students are usually unaware and inadequately prepared for tertiary education, and therefore students should be informed on the consequences of plagiarism in high school. Solely because high school teachers approve of learners work in high school copied from internet sources, high school students carry on this way of writing to tertiary education because it earned them good grades in high school (Kisamore, Stone & Jawahar, 2007, p. 381). Maina, Maina and Jauro (2014, p. 255) conclude that because of the low level of awareness in the Nigerian academia has attributed to the students’ lack awareness concerning the ethical and moral implications towards plagiarism. According to Hosny and Fatima (2014, p. 748) suggest that there are diverse reasons why students plagiarize which includes time constraints, the environment that exists, level of difficult and the lack of awareness among students. A research conducted by Hosny and Fatima (2014, p. 748) on 145 students indicates 31.52% of the students who agree that they cheat because the course is difficult and 36.96% attributed their plagiarism to time constraints.


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