Human resource management term is regarded as essential part of any organization. The department is responsible for focusing on different aspects of HR management like, recruitment, selection and training program for present and prospective employees. Further, this assignment will discuss and review Human Resource policies and practices at YO Sushi! Company.

Yo sushi! was founded in 1997.Yo sushi! is nowadays a global brand with 100 restaurants performing across eight countries. Most of them are placed in the UK, with twenty restaurants franchised in France, Norway, Dubai and Australia. The general owner is Mayfair Equity Partners. They are all about fresh, flavoursome original Japanese street food and sushi. Although sushi’s at the heart of what they do, they have a amazing range of street food, from traditional to ingenious dishes designed by their Executive Chef and his team.
Yo sushi! specialises in delivering Japanese street food and sushi to guests via a “Kaiten” conveyor belt.
Human Resource Management (HRM) is the term used to explain formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization.
Business specialists conclude that modern human resource management is influence by various important actions. Rationally the principle is a simple idea that human resources are the most important capital of an organization, a business can not be independent without perfectly managing this resource. Another fundamental principle, confirm by Michael Armstrong in his book, is that business profit is most acceptable to be realized if the staff policies and method of the company are approximately linked with, and make a considerable contribution to the performance of corporate objectives and strategic plans.
Human resource department responsibilities can be subdivided into three areas: individual, organizational, and career. Individual management necessitate helping employees analyze their strengths and weaknesses, correct their deficiency , and make their best contribution to the company.
In partnership with the young people employment scheme specialist Ingeus, Yo sushi has started a new Apprenticeship Scheme, offering young people NVQ Level 2 in Professional Cookery, Food Production and Food;Beverage Service. Presently piloting the scheme across nine restaurants in London, Yo sushi has already recruited twenty apprentices and wish to roll out the plan nationally in October, extending qualifications to also include Management.
Specifically targeting those out of work for between six months and two years, a new Sector Based Work Academy sees Yo sushi offering training and qualifications in WorldHost Guest Care, Food Safety, Health and Safety basic kitchen schools.
Recruitment is a elementary procedure of organisations overall human resource management and planning process. Human resource management processes like job design, performance appraisal and management, career planning, promotion and transfers are approximately associated with recruitment. Recruitment is the operation of attempting to establish and stimulate potential candidates to apply for existing or expected job opening.
Internal recruitment is the process where an employment favorable circumstances is filled from interior the business. A lot of organizations before recognize their external employment markets they prefer to stimulate applications from internal candidates.
In the organization internal recruitment can give the chance to change the job position. Organizations can inform their employees about their job opportunity. Their current permanent employees, present temporary employees, retired employees, and disabled employees are predominant source for internal recruitment. Their method are suggest their current employees for fast selection making and to decrease their expenses budget. It is also a process to stimulate the employees and motivate morale support and work better.
If the potential list of internal applicants is reviewed and appropriate applicants not found, the company advertise externally to recruit. If the company choose to bring new people in company it can be advisable. It must be determined in actions anything the company does. In principle, corporate recruitment policy should be perfectly informed by employees as it relates to authority of employees. After all, there are many methods of external recruitment. For base level or pursuit recruitment, high school and universities can specify positive recruitment and positive supply. Especially if combined with subsequent education and career management programs.
There are many source to advertise external recruitment. A extensively used source of external recruitment is media advertisement. This method has a ample influence. Various institutions, universities, colleges are also a good source of recruiting. They make accessible interviews and placements facilities for campus. Placement agencies, employment exchanges, labour contractor also method of external recruitment.
Internal and external method normally used to recruit employees. If there has strengths of this method, then also has weakness as well. The strengths and weakness of internal methods are given below.
Rapid decision making is one of the strongest strength of internal recruitment. By direct appointment or giving promotion by management is one of the policies to take rapid decision. As it known that internal recruitment recruits employees who is already working on the same company or used to work there. Generally management promote their employees as reward and make more work effectiveness. Sometimes management transfer their employees from one department to another department as part of their job rotation program.
Because of internal conscript it’s also saved cost of training are the mainly considerable. But it makes help to get fast decision. It also maintain precious employees on business, decrease recruitment cost and also protect investment in training and management. Internal recruitment also helps to reduce cost and time for introduction. And it’s generally faster and more cheaper than external recruitment.
From the above assignment it has been concluded that HR department of Yo sushi is proactive. Yo sushi implemented one of the best HR practices that will focus on every aspects. In recent years Yo sushi has become very successful organization and also increases their market share by implementing effective strategies.

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