Singapore Airlines is a well establish international airline with a strong track record of financial achievementSingapore Airlines is a well establish international airline with a strong track record of financial achievement

Singapore Airlines is a well establish international airline with a strong track record of financial achievement. The company has a government proprietorship as well as private stakeholders. The airline has always been profitable and the funds reinvested back into the company, to build on capital.
Singapore Airlines flies to 64 intercontinental destinations (including seasonal destinations) in 35 countries on 5 continents from SIA’s hub in Singapore. In order to increase the market share for the Singapore Airlines, SIA should explore more international destinations in other countries.

Marketing Campaign to increase sales
Social Networking
SIA communicate effectively with customers on social network and extending the relationship by building the SIA brand. SIA use social media accounts in many ways, including to provide customer service, offer updates on latest promotions and sales, and give customers a fun glance at what is happening in SIA. Currently, social media Facebook pages in seven different languages and propose to increase more languages to get more customer attention from other countries.

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Innovative Advertising
Many airlines are trying non-traditional advertising methods to directly target the daily lives of customers. We suggest, SIA can have “SIA Lounges” at festivals or community events. These innovative advertising tactics work to further develop the trademark. Instead of simply focusing marketing campaigns to the frequent flyers, these methods reach out the larger public audience, developing an auspicious brand image with people who may not already have a preferred airline.

Loyalty Programs
SIA Kris flyer program allows the loyalty flyer to reward point for flights and other travel reward program. We propose for SIA loyalty customer to get the complimentary inflight Wi-Fi for long haul trip. Another proposal is if Economy class seats are converting into full flat beds, it will be more comfortable. On the other hand, Loyalty customer can able to buy for Economy Class’s first and second seat with standard price and third seat will be half price in order to get the more comfortable feeling.

B2B Programs
The business partnership extends across areas such as flight ticket sales, loyalty programs, marketing initiatives, could service payments and logistics. By partnering with Alibaba, which enabled shared access to the more than 600mil mobile users actively utilizing on Alibaba’s retail marketplaces in China, will unlock great benefits for customers via the retail and travel value chains. SIA and Alibaba Group will gain customer insights for the benefit of the customers in one of the world’s fastest growing travel markets.

We propose to sell the tickets with Singapore attraction tickets (Example: USS, Adventure Cove, Singapore eye museum, etc.) especially for those who are visiting to Singapore. According to SIA financial statement year 2017/18, revenue is $10,544.2m base on 81.1% passenger load factor. By way of selling tickets as per our proposal revenue can be increase to $11,701m basic on passenger load factor 90%.