SAS, the leader in business intelligence, today introduced a set of solutions for the IT

Department on the SAS Intelligence Platform. SAS authorized customers around the world to

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Transform data into Intelligence. The purpose of this creation was to help company to work more

with the resources, data and systems that they already have, starting by the mission statement which

is, “The Employees of SAS are our number one asset.” It is through past experience and future

training that SAS employees try to improve the company’s goals and growth and to also offer safe

and environmentally accepted quality product to achieve project completion and on-time delivery.

SAS continues to make efforts to improve higher levels of both quality and efficiency so as to

Provide a greater value to their customers and a make profit to the shareholders of SAS.On the other

Hand, SAS provided engaged customers with confidence like implement some source of analytics

Such as machine learning to gain Insight from data and to understand customers preference. That

Loyalty translates into satisfied customers, who benefit from long relationships with experienced,

Committed employees. (“Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Management | SAS,” n.d.)

SAS: A Successful business

The CEO Jim Goodnight has led this company since 1976. He believes that feelings

And emotions are the true drivers of employee loyalty, innovation, and productivity, and purposely

Have made workforce happiness one of their primary missions. Jim continue to invest into the

Company and he is always looking to grow the company to be successful for coming years.

Goodnight not only shows his leadership by providing his employees with great perks, but he also

Shows his leadership by living on the campus, not far from the massive solar farm that SAS built to

sell electricity back to the local utility company. SAS’s profit margin in other countries is double

digits, which show they control what they do. Not only are some of the other top companies their

top competitors, they are also their customers that want to be like SAS.

Every organization should have a vision and through leadership the vision can be achieved.

Leadership in the organization played key role for the success. We cannot speak about success

Without having a successor and we cannot speak about successor without empowerment. Moreover

SAS has strategy for developing and retaining the best talent. When you create an environment and

Philosophy for your employees to balance work and life, it allows them to be motivated and make a

lot of effort to help company grow. This company used supportive model to help employee for

Their career development and offer meaningful work for their employees. Moreover, this company

depend on leadership instead of power and money; it give them a lot of benefit like world-class work

environment that includes services and benefits to make employees’ lives easier at work and in

their personal lives. Supportive behavior is not the kind of approach that requires money .It is a

part of management lifestyle at work.

SAS: A Successful business

Most employees want to do the right thing. They want their company to succeed. But

even the best employees with the best intentions need to know where to go. Without direction,
there’s a lot of noise that can keep your employees and ultimately, your company from
getting ahead. Follow these steps to connect your employees with a clear
mission, guided by a strong vision and values. On the other hands, the common prognosis
now is that employee satisfaction and commitment cannot be restored to full health until
leaders adopt more supportive management practices. For this company, the CEO played
Invaluable role seeking sustainably reinspire its people.SAS has found that being benevolent
produce the most optimal workplace performance.
Goodnight holds the conviction that “what make his organization work are the new

ideas that come out of his employee’s brains.” SAS employee and their families have access

to any activities such as massive gymnasium or tennis courts. Deeply discounted child care is

available, in addition to no-cost “work-life” counseling which helps employees more

effectively manage the stresses of everyday life. Leaders should emphasize the current

mission statement to employees, which clarifies the purpose and primary, measurable

objectives of the organization. A mission statement is meant for employees and leaders of the

organization. Strategic plans may involve changing the mission statement to reflect a new

direction of the organization. Highlighting the benefits of the change and minimizing the

deficits will help Employees and the public buy into the change.

SAS: A Successful business

SAS has communicated its mission and vision within the organization by showing

that their leadership is exactly what the company’s values stand for. Management has an open

line of Communication, they are approachable and trustworthy and proven to be innovative.

SAS provides employees with a huge assortment of benefits that exist to constantly remind

workers that they’re important and greatly matter to the success of the firm, and its mission.

The vision can be incorporated into objective setting and performance review standards as

well as interdepartmental projects. When an employee works with an idea or comes up with

an idea at the company, they “own” it until they are no longer with the firm, which gives a

sense of ownership and a feeling of importance.

SAS has been able to execute their strategic management plan by setting priorities,

by ensuring their employees understand the significance of their work and make sure they know and

feel how they make a difference. They have focused energy and resources on providing their

employees with all they could ask for with benefits and perks within the company. They have

strengthened operations, ensuring that employees and other stakeholders are working to ward

common goals. SAS has continuously been one of the top rated employers for many years. The

employees love the company and working for such great leadership. SAS is said to not only be the

best company to work for, but to also be “the leader in analytics, through innovative analytics,

business intelligence and data management software and services. SAS helps customers at more than

80,000 sites make better decisions faster. For instance, goodnight programmed computer to help

employee to used it and benefit from it . Software programmers get to “own” the work they produce

for as long as they’re employees of the firm. Knowing that customers likely will use what they create

for a decade or more inspires people to fully invest themselves in the quality of all they do.

SAS: A Successful business

If it’s crossed your mind that how SAS manages is blatantly obvious on its effects to

inspire human performance in the workplace, you likely are wondering why more organizations don’t

get on board. A big part of the reason, it seems, is because SAS has an advantage that many Fortune

500 companies do not. It’s a privately held company and not influenced by the short-term objectives

of shareholders.


Culture disruption is very important in SAS company for creating unforeseen

events, such as new competitors, products and services that threaten the performance and

positioning of consolidated players. Big data and analytics prove themselves, through successful user

cases, as the answer to intercept the demand, prevent churn, draw an integrated view of the

customer, manage fraud and reinvent the offer. Today, businesses recognize the importance of a

data-driven approach and, in fact, investments in business intelligence and analytical technologies

are significantly growing worldwide. To overcome these challenges, an analytical culture is needed.

If IT professionals have a good knowledge of information delivery processes, they often lack the

ability to convey to the business the cultural change needed to enable the data-driven enterprise.

SAS has good impact in organizational culture that has effectively increased

employee productivity and satisfaction. For instance , it give the them stability and security ,

because they can understand what is happening in their community .However , this one

culture dependency may also place intellectual blinders on employee , preventing them from

benefit of exposure to people from other culture backgrounds.