Rubella otherwise known as measles is a virus that usually occurs when you are very youngRubella otherwise known as measles is a virus that usually occurs when you are very young

Rubella otherwise known as measles is a virus that usually occurs when you are very young. The virus was once quite common but now it can easily be treated with a vaccine. Measles can be fatal to many children. The Measles vaccines have been helping the death rates fall worldwide, But still this virus kills over 100,000 people a year. For more than a decade measles has not been very widespread in the united states. From 2000 to 2010 there was an average of 60 cases in the united states. In 2015 there were 667 reported cases of the measles virus. Measles is a common virus around the world especially in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Pacific, but most cases in the US result from traveling. Before the measles vaccine was available 50% would die because of pneumonia or infection of the brain. The measles virus effects around 30 million people yearly around the world. Symptoms include; fever, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, inflamed eyes, tiny white spots surrounded by red in the mouth on the inner lining of the cheek, and a skin rash made up of large red spots that are often close to each other. The infection occurs in the period of about two weeks. For the first 10 to 15 days the virus incubates, during this time you will have no signs or symptoms. The measles virus usually begins with a fever, runny nose, cough, inflamed eyes and a sore throat, this part usually lasts two or three days. After the fever comes acute illness and rash. The face is usually the first to break out. The rash is made up of small red spots and some bumps in cluster patches. The rash will continue to spread throughout the body until it reaches the feet. During this time the fever temperature rises significantly, oftentimes as high as 104 to 105 °F. Later on the rash starts to recede. For about eight days the virus is highly contagious. The virus is spread through the air by breathing, coughing and sneezing. The virus can stay in the air for about two hours after the infected person has left. In some cases people can even get a sore throat, pink eye or pneumonia as symptoms. Severe cases are usually rare but the measles virus can also cause swelling in the brain and this causes death. People with weak immune systems and infants are usually the ones to get these severe cases of measles. Unfortunately this virus is extremely easy to spread, making it dangerous for unvaccinated people and children. There is no known treatment for measles but there is a vaccine that can prevent it. 91.9% of young children were vaccinated and 90.7% of adolescents in 2015. It is recommended to have two doses of the vaccine by the time you are 12 months old. Adults who do not have the vaccine need to get both vaccines, 28 days apart at the very least. Two doses of the measles vaccine are almost 100% effective. The vaccines are only available in the united states, that’s probably why the other countries have more cases of measles. To prevent the illness is very basic and used for most other illnesses: wash hands often, use hand sanitizer, try not to touch your eyes or face unless your hands are washed. When coughing or sneezing do not use your hand to cover your mouth, use your sleeve or a tissue, and try to avoid close contact with people who are infected. In 2015 there was a measles outbreak in california, at disneyland of all places, a place for young children. Over 100 people were infected most of them not having the vaccine and also
being very young with weak immune systems. That just tells us how important it is to get vaccinated. Most of the outbreaks that occur in the united states are caused by an unvaccinated person traveling to another country and coming back or even a person infected from another country visiting the US. So when you plan on traveling to another country make sure that you are vaccinated, because if you aren’t you could cause many people and yourself to get this nasty virus. Outbreaks are becoming more uncommon in the united states ever since the vaccine became available. In some countries still the virus is very common and it still causes many deaths Measles is a disease that I have heard of but only in stories, I don’t personally know anyone who has or had the virus. The virus to me seems quite terrifying, yes ebola causes much worse symptoms but measles just starts with a common fever and quickly gets much worse. I always seem to be interested in these strange viruses because they start so fast and seems to be nothing but it is really actually very dangerous. Its crazy how a sneeze can cause someone to get a deathly illness. Getting the vaccine for this virus is very important especially if you plan on traveling. But mainly because you are not only putting yourself in danger but also the infants who are too young to get the vaccine and also people who cannot get the vaccine because of other health issues. The measles virus is thought to have originated from cattle or some other non-human organism in the 11th or 12th centuries. Although some people think that the virus occurred during the prehistoric age. Before the vaccine was around 90% of 15 year old children had had the virus in their life. The measles virus was thought to have evolved in an area where people and cattle lived close together. The main guess was the middle East, and the virus is still common there today.