Public Relations Plan for WWP David Carrasquillo ProfessorPublic Relations Plan for WWP David Carrasquillo Professor

Public Relations Plan for WWP
David Carrasquillo
Professor: Dr.Janet Largaespada
Course: Business 300 Public Relation

For a company to put forward an effective public relations campaign, the best media mix has to be implemented. A media mix indicates the combination of many channels of communication that help any business reach its objectives in marketing (Srinivasan, Moore, Sekaran & Narayanan, 2015). Any media mix that is chosen usually ranges from old to modern methods of communication. For any media mix to be highly effective, the right combination has to be chosen to yield the best results.
In this case, WWP would first use social media as the main front for the campaign. Social media is very widely used by most young people and thus would reach a vast target. In addition to this, social media is also responsible for making very many campaigns viral. The use of social media ensures that the campaign will be talked about at extensive lengths. The main objective for the company in using social media would be to keep the campaign on people’s tongues. This would be done using endless tweets on Twitter, posting on Instagram and Facebook with popular hashtags also helping serve the cause.
Another communication channel that would come in very handy is the use of printed media. Print media includes newspapers, journals, brochures, magazines and books. The use of advertisements in such media will ensure that it receives a wide readership. The aim of the media channel would be to ensure that the old people read about it. This would be very vital to the campaign since the company mainly targets war veterans. Print media also makes the advertisement for the particular campaign available for future reference.
Lastly, the campaign would delve into the use of radios and television to broadcast the campaign fully. The use of such media would ensure that the campaign reaches everywhere. In addition to this, the campaign would also become a trending topic in most of the popular radio stations to ensure that it remains fresh in the listener’s memories.
Community relations refer to the specific ways in which any company tries to maintain a healthy relationship with the community around it (Zandvliet & Anderson, 2017). The main idea behind the principle is that companies gain a lot of loyalty and support from the community at large when they accept to perform their civic duties.
To generate good publicity for the company, WWP would have to invest in a few civic campaigns that would make the community love the company. First, WWP would have to develop programs that actively support the betterment of life for the community. For example, the company can start programs that promote crime prevention in the community. In addition to this, the company could also be environmentally conscious; offering clean-up days where members of WWP would clean up the whole community.
The company can also offer scholarship programs for the community. This would generate a lot of positive publicity that is very critical to the company. The scholarship programs might also lead to permanent employment in the company for them to be different from other state scholarships. Parents would end up loving the company due to the various opportunities that it provides for their children. The company can also help support sports programs for those children who might find studying a bit challenging so as not to make part of the community left out.
Lastly, for the company to gain good publicity from the public, the company can create good opportunities for small businesses in the community. This can be done via the offering of small contracts and tenders to the community. The main aim of this direction would be to show the community how happy and fun it is working for the company. The community would, in turn, end up loving the company since the employees also enjoy working for the company.
Government relations refer to the specific way in which a company interacts with the government officials (Rugman &Verbeke, 2017). The main aim of government relations is to ensure that there is a peaceful co-existence between the company and the government.
The first tactic that the company could use is the involvement of government officials in any kind of program or campaign that is to be carried out in the community. Their involvement would ensure that the company was recognized by the government officials and in addition to this; it would ensure that the campaign or program is not against the law. The community would also end up loving the company since it would be quite visible that the government was in full support of the programs of the company.
The company can also invite some government officials to some of its meetings to promote transparency within the company. In addition to this, the officials would also help in giving very helpful insights about the particular issues that would be on the discussion agenda.
The company can also start a few campaigns that help in the simplification of the work that the government officials do. For example, starting a community cleanup program for the specific area simplifies the work of the state. In turn, the state would fully support all activities of the company due to the mutual benefits received by both the community and the government at large.
Lastly, for the company to foster good relations with government officials, it would have to ensure that it has all the necessary documents required by law to run any company. This is to make sure that it would be running legally. Moreover, before carrying out any particular campaign in the community, the company would have to ensure that it applies for the necessary permits.
A news release refers to a written document that is mostly directed to members of the public to communicate about a specific matter (Parsons, 2016). For the campaign, the following news release would be drafted:

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New Campaign by WWP
August 23, 2018-WWP Company has decided to launch a new campaign to the public. The campaign will be effectively launched on 4 September 2018 from its main offices. The campaign will be launched by the new directors who were recently employed by the company.
The campaign mainly aims at creating an outreach program in the community where they can feel helpful and at the same time enjoy the benefits of working for the company. The outreach program will target individuals of all ages since anyone can be related to a war veteran. The campaigns would be aimed at sensitizing people on the benefits of the programs that WWP runs.
On 4 September, the campaign will be effectively launched on all communication platforms after the official flag off. However, the main communication channels that will be at the forefront of broadcasting the campaigns are social media, Print media, radio, and television. This will be done to reach a wider audience.
The campaign will also be run with the help of government officials and members of the community to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. The campaign has also applied and received the necessary permits and requirements for running the campaign thus it is not illegal.
Lastly, the campaign will last for two weeks and end on 18 September 2018 has achieved its main objectives in the community. We surely hope that all members of the community are going to turn up and make it a complete success. The media is also very welcome to come and cover the whole campaign from start to finish.
For more information, please contact 5555-4355
Email: [email protected]
Or visit our website: www.WWPOrg.Com

The above press release contains a headline whose main aim is to catch the attention of the public and make them interested in reading the news release. The press statement also contains a date line, which shows the release date of the news release. This is what makes the press obliged to release the paper to the public. The news release then goes ahead and explains the details of all the campaign giving the necessary information that is required by most media houses. The news release also contains a boilerplate and a close at the end to show the completion of the news release.
Moreover, to make our news release more effective, it was made very brief. This makes the public view it at a glance since it is not a long essay of many pages. In addition to this, the news release is also straight to the point and not ambiguous. It does not leave room for second-guessing as everything is very well explained.
The news release also contains the specific dates of the campaign and gives a formal welcome to everyone. In addition to this, it also assures the public that all necessary legal requirements are complied with hence there is no reason to fear to show up to the campaign. The news release also clearly explains the target persons for the particular campaign.
In conclusion, for any company to create a good public image, some factors are taken into consideration. First, the company has to start a campaign that paints them in good light with the public. In addition to this, a good media mix has to be chosen to ensure that the campaign reaches the intended individuals. Moreover, the campaign has to involve the government and a press release that makes the company seem transparent and trustworthy.

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