POLICIES National Social PolicyPOLICIES National Social Policy

National Social Policy (NSP)
The National Social Policy was launched in 2003 to ensure effective implementation of social development programs. National Social Policy (NSP) is a social development policy values ??and human capacity to achieve social unity and stability, national endurance and well-being of Malaysian society and steady progress. The objectives of the policy are divided into two which are general objective and specific objectives. The general objective is to ensure that every individual, family and community, regardless of ethnicity, religion, culture, gender and political affiliation and region can participate and contribute to national development and well-being on an ongoing basis. The specific objectives are to ensure the basic needs of the individual, family and community are fulfill, to develop and empower people throughout life, to strengthen and develop social support systems and social services and to generate multisector synergy. To ensure the successful implementation of the strategies under this policy, a National Social Council chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister was formed, involving 14 Ministries and several agencies.

National Family Policy (NFP)
National Family Policy (NFP) is a policy that prioritizing family perspective in all socio economic development efforts to ensure quality generations. The National Family Policy is a key policy that focuses on aspects of family wellbeing and development. The NFP aims to develop prosperous, healthy and resilient families to ensure social stability. This policy will ensure the incorporation of family well-being initiatives in all policies, legislation, programs, services, and facilities. The key principles of the policy are attainment of quality population, the role of women in development, encouragement of the family to care for the elderly, development of programs for strengthening families, and encouragement of family and community support for the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. This policy provides the direction for the development of family friendly services and programmes for nurturing healthy and resilient families in line with the aspirations of Vision 2020. The implementation of the NFP should be undertaken by all stakeholders to ensure the development of quality human capital imbued with ideal values.

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Islam HadhariAnother initiative by the Malaysian government is the introduction of Islam Hadhari or ‘Islamic Civilization’ by our Honourable Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Islam Hadhari is an approach to human development, society and country that is comprehensive, based on the perspective of Islamic Civilization. The vision of Islam Hadhari is to make Malaysia an Islamic State. And the mission is implementing the development agenda of the nation and the ummah based on a universal, advanced, civilized, tolerant and balanced approach to Islam. The objective of Islam Hadhari is to produce individuals and societies with spiritual, intellectual, intellectual, material, self-reliant, competitive, forward-looking, innovative and efficient in addressing current challenges wisely, rational, practical and peaceful. . It aims to achieve this through the mastery of knowledge and the development of the individual and the nation, the implementation of a dynamic economic, trading, and financial system, and an integrated and balanced development that creates a knowledgeable and pious people who hold to noble values and are honest, trustworthy, and prepared to take on global challenges.