Genetic and environment factors play a major role in my self-identity.

Family taught me etiquettes, respect towards others, concept of joint family, and so on.

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Through gens I am look like my mother. Everyone identify me quickly in my relation because of same features same as my mom.

Through environment I took education, got a job in my profession (nursing), and earn money as well as it helps to explore my personality and identity in society.

Emotionally I feel normal things that the human feels like happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety, etc.

Culture illustrate my education, profession, income in society.

Cognitively I speak some language such as english, gujarati, hindi and some are only I understand not speak.

Physical development is an on going process in me. For instance, my hairs and nails are grow daily, my organs are develop, hormones are change in me according to circumstances, I face puberty phase and etc.

I am not predisposed from any heredity factor.

At home I speak Gujarati, but with friends and at college I used English language for communication.

In society, I behave with people very calm and polite way and also expect the same behavior from them. But I know it is not possible because every individual is differ from other.
From the environment I got so many opportunities such as I took excellent education, got honorable job, got some new experiences in my field, upgrade my standard in my working place, earn adequate money and so on.

From child to now I changed drastically not only physically but also mentally.

I am changed over time according to situation. For instance, socioeconomic factor – I got an excellent education, honorable job in society, my income and so on which all are subsequently change me, my behavior. In short, when I was a child I depended on my family members but now I am independent, take my decision by own.

If my family structure or my residence is change than it is huge affect on me, because I am emotionally attached with it. So if that type of situation arise than I am become mentally disturb and take a time for adjustment and accept the new things.

My beliefs, attitude and values are change now than the before. For instance, when I was a child I believed in such superstition things like if the cat was pass away my path than I thought that my accident had happened. So I was afraid from this type of things. But now I am not believe in silly things due to my growth, development and experience from environment it helps me to identify real things. Therefore my attitude and values are change according to different circumstances.

My school peers, neighbours and other family groups are playing most important role in my social development.

Through them I learn social interaction and active participation in society.

I am belonging from joint family and our intimacies with each other are very strong and unique.

We all are emotionally closest with each other. As well as we having greater understanding among us. But the views, attitude and bias are different from each other. For instance, my grandparents believes in superstition things but my other family members including me are not believes in that because we are exposing from real word and our experiences from environment are different from them. Besides, we are aware from newspapers, television, social media and so on.

On my point of view, I believed that attitude and bias are formed as per our experiences. These include praises from parents, teachers and others. Our social and environmental experiences are also learning about attitude. Through constant “leaning” we create our attitude and it is an ongoing process in all human beings. All our attitudes are learned from our experience of the social context around us. And about attitude changing it occurs due to our lives are filled with attempts to change our attitude, to influence our decision or to persuade us to do one thing or another. Besides our peers, neighbours, family members all are influences us to change our attitude.

I discovered so many things in me which I did not know such as I am a good teacher, care giver, have talent to motivate others and so on. For instance, when I was studied nursing I was excellent in anatomy and physiology, so my classmates came to me for learning purpose and I was teach them in detail with example and actions so they can easily remember and in exams they got a good marks. Therefore they treat me as a teacher. Even I realized my concealed ability so I revealed it. Through environment I identified my abilities and talent and explore it in society.