Our environment is composed of airOur environment is composed of air

Our environment is composed of air, water, animals, plants, land and all living and non-living things that surround us. But why everybody says we need to take care of it? Why there has been a lot of talk today about pollution issues in the world? We, ourselves, are slowly destroying the only place for living we have, our natural habitat brings us vital elements we need to survive such as air, water and food, it´s easy: no environment, no life. (Kinhal, 2013)

There are many different topics talking about environmental issues, such as the pollution impact on water, air, land and quality of life and all of them have a solution in common: the sustainable living, according to Aguilar and Mercado (2005), sustainability is the key of life, it refers to make the world a better place for everyone, present and future. From September 25th 2015, United Nations (2015) decided to implement 17 sustainable development goals, each one with a different problem of global importance to be solved including in one of them the goal number 15: life on land. This target has specific topics like conserving freshwater ecosystems, ending with deforestation, and ensuring conservation of mountain ecosystems.
This essay is focus on how the Industrial Revolution in Monterrey city has led to a massive deforestation in our green areas causing a grave and irreparable damage to the air conditions of the city.

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