“Operations Management is the activity of managing resources which produce and deliver products services”

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“Operations Management is the activity of managing resources which produce and deliver products services” (Slack, Chambers and Johnston. 2010)

Operation management is one of the most important departments of a company and operate an important in producing goods and services for customers. The current focusing on operation management in trading company. Try to understand the concern of operation management and success of the company. The products processing is different of supplier methods of operation management. The present study has chosen Kian Chue Hwa (Industries) Pte Ltd for learn and checking which is one of the leading company of the trading organization of Singapore.
Operation is about the resource that produce the products and referring the day to day activities. The inputs that will be transformed within the operation to outputs products. The operation function is the part of the organization that is responsible for this activity. The company has and operation function and produces the products of goods. However, the company will necessarily call the operations function by the name. Operation manager the one who have responsibility for managing some or all the processes which compose the operation function. In the organizations the operation manager could be called by some other name.
The operation manager have involves the responsibility of ensuring the company operations are proficient in terms of using as few resources as needed and terms of meeting customer requirements. It is concerned with managing an entire production system which is the process that converts inputs the whole process of goods and services into outputs in the form of goods as a delivers a goods to customers.
The Kian Chue Hwa (Industires) Pte Ltd, operation department is a under of managing department and other department control by operation department. Operation is a very important and controlling the Procurement, Marketing, Human Resource, Finance and warehouse department in the company.
Kian Chue Hwa (Industries) Pte Ltd which is from the trading of industrial and commercial vehicles parts as well as lubricant oils used for the vehicles. The company caters to both local and overseas markets with similar revenue cycle i.e. from the initiation of sales and receipts of payments.

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The following are covered in this walkthrough:
1. Sales Processing
2. Credit Control
3. Generation of Credit Notes
4. Monitoring Accounts Receivables
5. Payments Processing
6. Maintaining Customers Master File


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