On the poem “Sonnet 116 by William ShakespeareOn the poem “Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare

On the poem “Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare, it’s just trying to define the meaning of love, and it describes that true love can’t be defended by which others think. Also it describes that it can never be broken, or never dies. Shakespeare also devotes that love doesn’t change through time so love is immortal and doesn’t fade or disappear, even in old age. He also states at the end of sonnet that if anyone were to prove him wrong, he will back out all the words written in the sonnet as if they never happen to be existed, this proves that he is assertive that love is everlasting.
To start with lines 1 to 5 says “Let me not to the marriage of true minds, Admit impediments. Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove:”In other words Shakespeare is saying that love and relationships edge towards the meaning of true love and it also meant that “they are no longer two, but one muscle. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” The second line is meant that to allow or to accept the obstacles and true-minded people should not be married and to be designed forever. The third line says that which changes over time when it finds a change in the situations, The fourth line means to be mixed or be bendable from its firm stand even when a lover is in true and false of him. Line 5 means that it is a lighthouse that never comes off.
Lines 6-10 says ” that sees storms but it never shaken; “It is the star to every wandering bark mean that this metaphor compares love to the pole star which stays in the same place in the sky and helps sailors to navigate. “Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken” tells the star’s height can be mathematically measured, but its value to the ships it guides is immeasurable. The line “Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks meant be saying is time is symbolizing, which makes the battle between time and love considerable. The line alters under means its within time’s power to take away the youth and beauty, take away the shine of the lady. “Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,” says that any measure of time is short for love, beaye love lasts till the end of time is given.
Finally, lines 13-15 says but rather, it endures until the last day of life so he couldn’t wait until he found and commit that he will never let that shine go off your face and life.
“If this be error and upon me proved, meant if i am proved wrong about these thought on love of my life and the have official in those people minds. The last line it meant then i recent all that i have written, and no man has ever truly love. The poet guarantees us that what he is saying is true.
So, it defined the meaning of true love and the purpose was it couldn’t be separated by any power. It symbolizes the moments of the time to be acceptable of the marriage. Also, to dedicate the poet that tells us an important thing to defend ourselves and others who we love the most. It has taught us the true meaning of love and the ability to us are time to change the world to be assertive of the things that been not understanding.
The meaning and the moral of this poem was that is love is true then it is ageless and priceless. This is shown as a fact that they refer to love being a star. Another main message of the sonnet is that marriage should be between two equals cause if it is then it will last and love will form in surprising ways. This gives us a message to the people of the Shakespeare’s time to marry an equal and not treat your wife as your property.