Now a day we cannot think any danger and harm is happen to workerNow a day we cannot think any danger and harm is happen to worker

Now a day we cannot think any danger and harm is happen to worker, staff, and colleague in the place of working. This is why there is some legislations, laws, policies, guidelines establish to save the people who are working under any hazardous or harmful condition. According to title of my assignment I will put an effort to clarify the principles and values which can justify the health and safety matter in next writing of assignment task 1 and task 2 respectively.
Task 1
We already going through some situations of legislative bindings for performing our job roles and responsibility as for this concern we already know that all caring venues need to follow this legislative guidance as well. Therefore it need a comprehensive study of considering different legislation in here in this part of study which can show various compliances by care venues, the policies, systems are made by the government and the managerial sector of care homes need to show their capability to perform their duty in terms of all sorts of legislation. This can be in following down points:
Assignment of Health and safety, I will try to show my understanding about this in details in later part of my writing step by step of following on the task basis which can cover those:-
The study of this health and social care issue is not single way of looking at individual but we need to look at all other side of involving to this like safety, legislation, policies, laws, etc. under this task of my writing I will try to clarify all of this area in the light of task asking demand.
A little review on the following laws according to this topic of my writing can be relevance-
Health and safety work act 1974, which is a great legal basis for employer and employee at their work places here in United Kingdom of Great Britain. This law have the power to protect individuals at care homes, hospital, and similarly all working professional in work places all over. Say for example of Care worker, support worker, coal mine worker, industry worker, bus driver, doctor, nurses and any other worker are under this law. Employer must full fill this law requirement at the work place such as safety measurement, personal protective equipment are used at all times and such and such. Other employer must be liable for any happening in the work site.
Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999, this law reflects the managerial level of capacity to carry out organisational duty and policies.
Workplace (Health safety and welfare) Regulations 1992. Under this law of guidance we can able to see the protection all worker at workplace and even the employer responsibility is also defined under this regulations.
Reporting of Injuries, Disease and Dangerous Occurrences regulations 1995(RIDOR) this law of guidelines is massively followed always in each and every health care venue all over the United Kingdom.
Health and Safety offences act, 2008, this is operating as a worker safety to protect them from any harm and it is ensured by the company trade alliance or we know it as trade union performs. An appointed operational manager is needed to act on this and take different steps.
In such way we could some other legislation which also plays a great role to establish our professional work meaningful. This includes-
Equality act 2010,
Equal pay act 1970,
Discrimination act 1976,
Race relation act 1976,
Disability discrimination act 1995,
Employment equality regulations 2003 and
Employment equality regulations 2006, etc. are mentionable laws which are helping the relevant working areas respectively.

Now I will have a look into analysis of health, safety and security under this term it will be pretty much essential to health care study and its relevance admit table by the social thinkers and policy makers regarding this. Just have a little of think on the accident issue at work place. What is recovery point from the side of employee and what is the position and steps need to be taken by employer in practical sense of thinking. As an employer they have a massive duty and responsibility to protect all the working staff from any kind of serious danger and harming at always by providing all the necessary help to worker. Such as an accident preventive tools using at warehouse premise at all time. Using gloves, safety boots, safety jacket, etc. in the care venues, we can see PPE (personal protective equipment) method are followed by the caring staff, i.e. hand gloves, apron, safety shoes, mask, etc. From my caring experience, I show some more examples about this, my care homes venues named CDC care ltd in where I can see, this homes is compliance with all above laws and legislations. There is a designed first aid kits board; notice board is showing the various kind of information along with patients’ notes and staff notifications, accident report unit, and after all I see there are employer guidelines, employee guidelines etc. are available.
In case of emergency situation, what we need to do and what is necessary steps to take under this emergency scene. So this way, every venues are designed to protect its staff and resident from any accident and emergency situation by taking further step even to make the staff confident to do their duty under taking training, right facility in working area, seminar can be arranged by the company for their best interest .
So it the very basic motto is that every organisation and care provider is always trying to ensure all staff and resident is secured under their management caring policies and structures. Even other motto is to avoid all incidences at best as possible way.
Employee responsibilities:
Enough and accurate facilities must be taken by employer and employee must should read this information available in the company handbook before joining to work for that venues.
And the employee also must check all training facilities are available for the sharp skills requirements may need to face any situation under this surveillance of caring policies.
Employer responsibilities may include the following thing in below:
My care caring venues have its own policies and structures to apply all relevant laws and legislation may take as an advantage of the caring policies.
It is updated regularly that company handbook is amended on cotemporary perspectives such as any amendments happen or any new laws are applied in recent times.
From the compliance of laws and legislations point of view, it mandatorily has to monitor and analyse the implementation of those within care venues or centres. This may includes of displaying rules on board or card in care venues, also similarly all legislations too, the employer can give information to staff by providing handbook to each and every staff at the centre. Regular training can be designed for staff skill improvement and development and appraisal have to carry out to motivate the staff.
When we look at safety policy and principles are taken into account for organisation effectiveness measurement toward its service providing to client who reside at care homes. That is a following of strong process and system established within the caring venues. Every staff and employer should be very effective at the point of servicing care to its individuals. Different risk assessment method, issues and weakness can be deal in a proper way to solve any incidents, accident and emergency cases. Mainly the caring centre venue should be very healthy and that may bring forward good healthy living for the staff and client at best point of order.
All precautionary system is followed by my care homes such alarm systems; digital tracking on patients, etc is updated relevantly. Employer insurance policies are also measured by the laws and its covering for all staff accident cost, fire damages, incidents damages, etc.
So all above measures and steps are being applied because it is been considered deeply under health and safety procedures at all times and in every caring centre.

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Task 2
I am working in care homes (BDH care homes) for two and a half year as a senior support worker to look after the client in here. Now I will write a report about it performances in relation to safety policies and measurements.
First of all I take a notes of different hazards may happen any times. Decision making can be taken to judge about who is hurting and how much damages happen to client and its staff in accident period. Counting and measure accurate risk may involve and what the solutions may take to prevent this risks. Whenever it is done, write it down on notes and keep a record, then renew the idea and amend the record as well if it is required.
2nd stage of this report will be conducted on practical experience of emergency matter.
Whenever I take an assessment of risk factor firstly I recall the fire and electricity case as it is very prime point to deal with under the safety policies and principles. This is including the fire happening possibilities measures, electricity fault at any wiring lines, drawer in the long wardrobes in where office essentials paper is kept, and similarly in the client rooms big wardrobes for keeping their clothes and other necessity can put in a secured way. Water spillage or leaking possibility, some one slip down on floors, fan or other decorative things, etc. can be take into consider for risk assessment.
Now I will draw an image of accident in my work place which can be evaluate for it risk and thereby I will follow the procedures on it by the following thing:
The guide for safe and secure work place in my place is in case of fire explosion in the that particular homes, that mainly includes its individuals who are residing here and they may not capable to get out very quickly as they need our help to lead their daily life. They might be in losing of life by fire accidents. Similarly some working staff can be the victim of situations.
Determining the hazard accordingly to my point of fire emergency will includes the individuals and working staff and evaluating its emergency situations. This evaluation can be including the major part of resident damages and some time can be including the working staff.
List of my hazard should be in this situations are categorised less risk thing i.e. staff, doctor and other professional are on duty and be alert every time to provide care to client so that the professional can get out of the venues easily. But individual who are bed bound and in sleeping in bed, they will be major part of assessment. It can be helpful to provide them fire protective bed, clothes and some necessary thing can attached to them in bed that individuals are bed bound and fire proof clothes for who can move them own.
The model for the fire safety for all residents will be cost effective way to address this in cheap cost by the company or care provider. And the recommendation should be on specific risk and its probability of happening.
At the end I will take a summarise notes for this assessment of risk study which can cover the hazards, how people may be harmed by the fire accident and what steps are in place of practice to mitigate the situation for controlling measurement.
By law if there is five employee or worker is working in my place of work it is not necessary to write down this assessment but later it would be needed to do this task at own pace of time.
If there is a more than five staff working in the work place, it is mandatorily need to be done this assessment report writing under obligations of legislation.
So my overall risk assessment report will be showing about fire situation:
? Every day or every other week it is carried out according to care centres structures and policies have to check of the specific hazard, i.e. fire, water leaks, etc
? I will make a list of who might be great part of effecting
? I will take a notes with obvious, major and take a consideration the number of clients who will be involve
? The precautionary system will be introduce on regularly in centre
? The low risk of hazard should take into account as danger may happen any time
? I must include the involved staff and client all in all by possible ways
? The nature of the accident can be changes any time in futures so all possibilities of happening should be included. Like on particular day on duty I saw a tree is fall down on the care premises in ground which may need to take some assumption for danger or accident.
This way, step by step I will go forward to do my risk assessment task under the special situation of accidental period.
At very last I will list the possible hazard on ranking wise. Which is big problem and which is not or less attentive something more. Death is immediate danger after happening accident is first concern and some part of body is burned can be less serious. Above all this I will include the identifying the long term solutions for the specific task. Such as to prevent the client may require high measurement fire proof clothes and bed, rooms is secured by providing this. For case of worker we can go for high protective, fire proof blanket, clothes, gloves, etc can be taking as major development way. List again for staff training May needed for this situation of emergency handling trend. We can consider this into matrix calculation classed by rare, unlikely, possible, likely, almost certain, another column divided into insignificant, minor, serious, and so on.
Then I will share my view of risk assessment with my colleagues although it is not required by law to do this, but for the contribution to new thing or success can be done for the organisation interest and staff experience enhancing. A file of my copy about this risk I will keep or save in computer disk or company shared drive. As we may need access on it for further amendment or updating thing can be put into requirement on new task result or new research finding.