NETWORKING Chevening is lookingfor individuals with strong professional skillsNETWORKING Chevening is lookingfor individuals with strong professional skills

Chevening is lookingfor individuals with strong professional skills ,who will engage with the chevening community and influence and lead in their profession.Please explain how you build and maintan relationships in a profeesional capacity ,Using clear of how you currently do this,outline how help you with this skills. ”
“Any achievement in business is never accomplished by a single person; a team of skilled members from diversified fields is always needed.” (Steve Jobs)This words have always echoed in my head as professional teacher.

positive attitude,team work,resilence, good communication,willingness to learn ,adaptability and conflict resolution have been my strong professional skills enabling be a leader and an influencer in my professional as a high teacher and the chevening community.i have been able to acheive this through networking with my collegues,friends and families through social media,groups,events and places.

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The Young Professionals’ (YP) Fellowship of CITAM Nakuru is a networking platform of lawyers, teachers, bankers, business persons. Here, hold open forums on ethical practices in the marketplce. Furthermore, we are engaged in the community through mentorship and outreach programmes in high schools. In this regard, we have been offering sound career and academic advice which asssist high schoolers in making sound career choices every in Schools within Nakuru such Anester boys lanet ,St. Francis upper high and Rohi Group of schools at every beginning of the year.

This forum also provides networking opportunities that help build relationships with potential mentors by discussing upcoming trainings, innovations and market trends. This forum avails information and advice on the importance of being leaders of influence, facilitates sponsered informal trainings, public speaking events and retreats that develop our careers, enhanced professional recognition hence this has enable me as a profession to have a sense of pride at work.
Social media is an influential networking tool and being aware to use it in the right manner is powerful skill and should not be taken for granted.This has been achieved by a professional group i belong called Labourers in the field of education (LLIFE),its a forum in Nakuru kenya meant for teachers from kindergaten to university where we hold workshops,conferences and seminars and discuss issues such as balancing life as teacher in school,church and family,characteristics of cults,Gods missions in schools ,Teacher- the unsung Hero,Leaners safety ,teachers burn out through open discussions on challenges facing the leaners ,this has posivetly improved my classroom management skills ,effeciency and productivity at my work place as an informed individual.

Through this groups wataspp and facebook, i have been reaching out to members to donate foodstuffs, sponser the needy learners at Nakuru Mountain Park Academy ,hence shinning a light of hope to the students through my networking opportunities as a result i have been learning that positivity,good communication are essential for networking in both the chevening community and as a career teacher.

My passion will always be to continue to build and maintain relationships in both the chevening community and my profession so as to contribute to the growth of others and society and also for my personal growth.