I will never forget this year’s winter holidays. At first, I thought these holidays would be very boring but these holidays made me learn something. My winter holidays started from 24 of December. I woke up early and offered prayer. Usually I goes back to bed and sleeps again for about an hour before going to university but on that day, I drew my curtains and I opened the window. I will never forget that moment. It was so cold and I gazed at the reverse of darkness. I felt a cold breeze played upon my cheeks that filled me with delight and gave a foretaste of those icy climes. The cold wind played with my hair as the rising sun was greeting me. I didn’t notice that I was gazing at the sky for about an hour. I shut the window and went downstairs. My grandmother was sitting on a sofa in front of fireplace. I also sat on sofa and started talking to her. The fireplace lent coziness to the room. She was still feeling cold so, she hugged me. Tears gathered in my eyes and at that time I was thinking that I never wanted these holidays to end If I am going to get these warm long hugs.

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Next day I was invited by my neighbor Christian friend in her Christmas party. I was really excited because I haven’t seen such a party before. I wore a red dress and I went to her house at night. The eyes of the newcomer were the color of their Christmas trees. She hanged pine branches from the ceiling in the corner of her room and those branches were dressed up with mini battery- operated Christmas lights, tinsel, and ornaments. Her room was looking more festive because of the scented candles. Jingle bells were slung over doorknobs. Her father was dressed up like a Santa clause and he gave us gifts. He gave me a snow globe. We played games and took a lot of pictures. I had a great fun there.
Next day I was sitting on a sofa with my grandmother. The only thing I planned to do in this vacation was to learn knitting from her. She taught me to knit a scarf. I was knitting a scarf and then I noticed her speed of knitting is much faster than mine. She had a smile on her face. I stopped for a while and took a cup of coffee. In front of a fireplace taking sips of coffee slowly in a cold weather and looking her knitting a scarf with joy was also one of the best moments of my vacations. She made It so quickly and wrapped it around my neck. We were giggling over coffee when my mother walked in and said me to do preparations for tonight, Barbecue plan. I ate food, dressed up and at night I arranged the chairs in a circle and in the center my father spreaded a chimney full of lit coals evenly over charcoal grates. When guest arrived, everybody sat on chairs. My mother placed the chicken breasts coated with olive oil on the hot side of the grill. When grill marks appeared, she lifted it up and served the guests. I put on some music. The hot food was delighting us in a cold weather. After eating food my uncle told us very funny jokes. We sang songs and at last we ate oranges. One of the reasons I love winters is because of my love for oranges.

Next night my neighbor friend came and we spend a really good time. We lifted the blankets and crawled into bed. We watched the movie ” The Black Hole” and the time spent very well by eating hot cheesy popcorns.

Next few days I spent my holidays in my room wearing a wool cap that my grandmother knitted for me and reading a book ” The Foundations of Astronomy”. Reading your favorite book and sipping hot tea in a cold weather gives you the best feelings. Each line of the book was satisfying my mind and each sip of tea was relaxing my soul.

Next day was the last day of my vacations so I finished my homework. I was bit tired and then my father walked in with a packet of peanuts, alomonds and prunes. I ate them with my father and told him how curious I am to know the deepest secrets of our universe. Meanwhile, we heard the sound of fireworks and I was filled with joy with the feeling that new year has started . I enjoyed every bit of my vacations. I loved the cold grey winter days and one think I learned from this vacation is that we should enjoy the little things in life either it is gazing the reverse of darkness or enjoying every sip of hot tea in a cold weather. The cold breeze of this winter refreshed my soul and I loved these winter vacations.