Name: Rushmali Hadley
Subject: English 223
Professor: Phillip Mirabelli
Date: May 22nd, 2018

Does Othello really love Desdemona?

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People often ask themselves what is love? My definition is love may be defined as when one person has a deep connection and understanding for another person. When someone is in love they will cherish and care for their partner as much as possible.

Every relationship tends to have problems at some time in life, but it is up to the couple to do their best to keep the relationship together no matter the cause. Othello and Desdemona are a couple whose relationship is strong their loyalty to one another is perfect. But as all relationship does their relationship has gotten to a point where I ask myself the generated question topic “Does Othello really love Desdemona’.

Othello and Desdemona have a sincere and never-ending relationship in the play. Othello character in this book is a military man with good courage in battle and good judgement skills but not good skills on how to love a female. Desdemona character we see as the central character in the book she is young and very beautiful. Desdemona is so in love that she goes against traditional values by marrying a man of color. The couple is of different racial background which is a major problem for Brabantio who is Desdemona father and who will do anything just to break them up. But despite this, the couple is still able to show each other their love despite Barbantio stand about a black man and his daughter.

In the opening of the play, they confess to others that their love is real and skin color should not matter and that the opinion of others should not matter, and their opinion does not and cannot affect them.

Later in the play not because we saw Othello and Desdemona in a strong committed relationship that doesn’t mean that all is well as it normally said: “not all glitter is gold”. Othello and Desdemona seem happy, but this is not so there was never a steady rock a steady base on which the relationship started. There was no ground for communications it seems as if it all started on infatuation there was no understanding. Othello, I think is still troubled after spending most of his time at war. Othello mostly spends most of his time talking about battles and the experience he had he is happy that Desdemona is feeling some sought of remorse for him. He is seen in the eyes of Desdemona as a hero a stronghold. She sees him this way because she has been sheltered she has never been experienced in the world she is living the life of a child a little girl to be specific. She is new to the world and what it must offers. All these conversations Othello is having is forming a burning love and feelings for Desdemona she is being bounded by love for this Othello whom she hardly knows. Because this relationship was not firmly bond we see problems arising. Another reason for bringing out these problems is that Othello has been around men his entire life in battles, so he does not really know how to address the situation with Desdemona not only Desdemona but people in general. He even embarrasses her in front of the guest at the dinner party when he hit’s her but being the sheltered woman in love who knows nothing about the outside world does anything to defend herself.

Later in the play as a new character is introduced to the play that goes by the name of Iago. He enjoys working people, so they can do what he wants just to make him happy. Iago is a typical character who has a dislike for a woman he shows no love or affection for the other sex. He has no sympathy for a woman he always criticizes them although they have never done anything of any sort of bad to him in no way at all. Iago is so prudent that he tells Othello that he thinks he has generated feelings for him while at the same moment he is telling him the bitterest words in his ears. Iago main intention is to bring down Othello he is not a real friend to Othello the Moor he is just bent on bringing him to a fall he is just the as jealous minded man. He has no heart I see Iago as a heartless man, this only proves my judgment about Iago true when he goes the distance to tell Desdemona his romantic taught and he feels about her, but he does it in a sexually related atmosphere. I really don’t thing Iago loves her because in the start we saw him as a man who dislikes woman he didn’t have any feeling towards them so why suddenly, he has all these feelings towards Desdemona this does prove how he really wants to bring Othello down. I don’t think Iago understands what it means to love. Othello then question if Iago is trying to come on to Desdemona, this then makes Othello jealous of Iago who has always influenced by the relationship. This shows how intimidated Othello is by Iago, this just shows the love Othello thinks he has for Desdemona he is feeling this way because of the true and sincere in love with Desdemona. Othello then becomes this maybe Desdemona may no longer love him the way he is loving her and will continue to love her. Desdemona father has now come into the action to voice his concerned that he is not pleased to know that his daughter may have married a Moor a man of color a black man. Brabantio acts as a concerned father he then confronts Othello to hear what he has to say and to find out exactly what is going on. Othello then says to Brabantio “And bade me, if I had a friend that loves her I should but teach him how to tell my story, and that would woo her upon this hint I spoke she loves me for dangers I have passed and I love her that she did pity them this only is the witchcraft I have used he comes the lady let her witness (1:3:163). After saying this to Brabantio Othello makes it clear that the love he has for his daughter is genuine and he did not force himself upon Desdemona. He does not only think as her as his wife but as this beautiful Goddess. Her appearance and status in society make her that Godly young lady in this taught.

After reading this entire play I have come to recognize that Othello is more of a romantic male maybe this was why he was accused of stealing the attractive Desdemona away from her father causing him to be mad with Othello. Othello tells of the past time of how he was suffered and condemn from the start because of Othello complexion being a black man. Racism plays a major and important role in this play. In act 1 scene1 we see Othello being compared to a black ram “An old black ram is topping your white ewe. This is talking about Othello and Desdemona sexual feeling towards each other. Brabantio claims that it is unacceptable for a young white woman to ever be with a black man. He also makes assumptions that it was witchcraft that made his daughter fall in love with Othello. I also think that another reason why the marriage was condemned is that Desdemona was never really seen as a lady she was a girl. Othello reminisces about past times and how her father shows him love during the past years but was still unable to see past his skin color and accept him for his daughter.

I believe if the relationship had started out differently they might have had a chance Relationships require certain attention for it to last and there have certainly lack it. However not only a lack of communication and love cause the relationship to end but also racism, this had a big impact on the relationship because Desdemona father was never in support of his daughter relationship with the Moor. I still think that we are all one and our skin color should not matter who we marry or don’t marry, and Brabantio should not have been in love with his daughter romantic life. Overall, I think we just must just conclude that Othello did love Desdemona even thou he was the one that killed her. I see this seen as a kill of passion meaning that Othello may have loved her so, much that he couldn’t stand to see her with any other man than himself, however I am not condoning what Othello did. Personally ill called this the love triangle because emotions and feelings were played with by a third party. Decisions were never left up to the couple to make.