My name is HAGENIMANA Maurice am Rwandan citizen born on 03/12/1989 in Kigali City the capital of RWANDAMy name is HAGENIMANA Maurice am Rwandan citizen born on 03/12/1989 in Kigali City the capital of RWANDA

My name is HAGENIMANA Maurice am Rwandan citizen born on 03/12/1989 in Kigali City the capital of RWANDA.
I born in a family of 8 am the fifth child within 4 brother and 3 sisters. When I was only four years old my mother passed away(Killed by Interahamwe) due to one of the most terrible thing happened in Rwanda and this is the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi where more than one million people were massacred in just 100 days all over the country ,
after that I started my kindergarten school at APACE for three years and continue with my primary school and then with secondary school and in the second year of my secondary school my father also died, since that day I stopped my extra-curricular activities, such as Dancing, basketball and focus on my studies because it was now the school for being someone important for my family or the street doing some drug deals and other bad activities. I have been the luckiest brilliant guy and I was great in studies.
In my fourth year I choose computer science and management as I was starting being interested in computer related field, at the end of the secondary school in Rwanda all student pass an national exam to get the A2 professional Certificate I also sit for that exam and passed it with a good note where I have awarded with a Rwandan Government scholarship and automatically got an admission in a College of Technology called Tumba in the faculty of Information Technology but they was supposed to provide only A1 Advanced Diploma. In the same year I also got a job in which changed my life completely I worked as Data manager in Kibagabaga Hospital on an open-ended based contract and started having an experience while I was only 19year old and then my life changed, a year after I faced a challenge that I was supposed to take a quick and serious decisions about it, I had to choose the job or go for the scholarship and I quickly choose for the school and resign for my position. Unfortunately after one year I left the college and go to the Private University called Adventist University of Central Africa in the same faculty because I found that the scholarship was enough to survivor and I decide to look for a job and pay myself the tuition fees. By chance I got one temporary job in the NGO called International Alert as Data enumerator and we used to travel around the country which also was obstacle for fulfilling my task as an undergraduate student who is registered in a full day program and I managed to play all roles and it was so difficult due to several travel from my working area to my school.
I have passed my BSc. In Information Technology from Adventist University of Centre Africa. There were one hundred and forty credits to complete. I did course projects during the four years of study individually as well as in a group which created in me self-confidence as well as ability to work in team environment. My final project was “Online Rendezvous Application for District Officials”. Basically, I was interested in developing such application because citizen faces many challenge in scheduling appointment with officials.
By fact, I am socially active person with friendly nature, a good communicator indeed who is blessed with many friends. I keep a keen view to the reality of life thus approach people with positive mind and attitude and always prove to be helpful with honest efforts and true dedication. Besides that I always feel very joyous and fortunate to meet and greet people belonging to different backgrounds and cultures. As such meetings are always important because they prove to be beneficial in future also it makes things easy to cope whether one works or studies in his own country or outside the country.
Let me just expand a lot on my social life. I have a lot of friend but 4 of them are very close to me where we spend much free time together and the good thing is that all of us was growing up in a neighborhood villages where we spend also our childhood together. And a most warming thing is that we used to get in the same field of working which is IT where supporting each other are easy, back in time and in friendship life out of the working area I remember last year in October the one we live together has his birthday and all of us was in an annual leave and go for trip and we surprised him with finding all his family on the same beach far from home, he enjoyed that moment.
After celebrating the birthday their family member went back to Kigali, we take an adventure to go back home passing on the longest load where we used like 9 hours to get back home including the time we spend having something to eat. In our way home we go through a biggest natural forest of Rwanda called nyungwe and stopped for while like for 2 hours to enjoy the canopy walk one of the good bridge in the middle to the forest and took some pictures.

All about my hobbies. My favorite hobbies are playing basketball, watching a documentary movie and listening to music. I feel a great sense of enjoyment from playing basketball because basketball gives me lots of fun and happiness. Basketball in not only releases a lot of the stress which I get from school and homework but it also helps me to be fit. Which makes me feel great for the efforts I put on. my basketball idol is LeBron James he inspired me with fabulous skills and the way he used to live in the society and I have been watching him so many times playing and trust me he is the best, he is brilliant. Lastly, music is also a big part of my life. i listen to many different types of music like pop, country etc. most of the time when I try to not been stressed by what am thinking about I put on my headphones on and listen some music.
My dad was a services director in a hotel and his job hours varied depending on the job timetable and most of the time he used to go to work at 3 pm and get home at midnight, and other days he worked from 8am to 3pm.
Let me just take you through my life with my family, my brothers and sister we grown up together like been a close family for so long. Our late father was used to do a lot to keep a smile on our face, I remember just one time it was on Christmas day in 1999 that time there was a big party at our church but was for kids only and I was so excited on what kind of clothes I’ll be wearing (my dad will bring me), as usually at that day he was worked a evening shift and he get home at 1am and me I was still up waiting just to know what he will bring for us as Christmas gift. The bad thing was that he come without any singer thing, I was so disappointed and start crying he take me to his bedroom and say I didn’t bring anything because everyone has grown up, I wanted to take you to the shop and make your own choice as you are now a big boy and I started laughing saying all those things I used to like in that time, he took me to my room and sleep.
Early in the morning he took us to a place where we could choose the clothes we pick our favorite and thank him and went back home for the arrangement needed to get to church, and that same day it’s was a Christmas day and my dad was supposed to buy a Christmas tree, we stop a bit and he bring the tree. And I can say that from that day I started to feel that our dad loved us as and respect as more that we could think. We go for church, back home and celebrate our Christmas in family. After a week it was supposed to be a New Year celebration and our dad told us he has a great surprise and we wasn’t aware of what that would be. On the 1st January 2000 he woke up and ask everyone to be prepared and well-dressed after he took us to his working place (Hotel chez Lando) and at that moment that hotel was well ranked hotel in Rwanda and while we was in the parking we say the first family with a lot of presidential guard and we know that we are going to be in the same place with the family of the President of the Republic of Rwanda, it was our first time to saw the president face to face and on that time we had fun. So let me tell you the story behind all this, at the moment I was finished the primary school and passed with good mark so I get the chance to enter one of the secondary school provided by the ministry of education and to enter in that kind of school was to be well performed in national examination. It’s in that spirit that we get to the hotel to celebrate the New Year, it was a way dad used to thank me and give me courage on my secondary studies.
In the first month of 2000 I enter in the secondary school far from home where there was no electricity and no water expect few building used for class and dormitories and I was like I won’t survive on that kind of situation which I compared to an really temptation. But as I said before I have a patience spirit, I just stay at school and my father who was the one to take me there left to get back home. I stayed there the food was so strange it was the first time I ate that kind of food and the living style also was so new to me like the way the student used to bath outside without any problem and me who was only familiar with just taking shower in the bathroom and alone. In a short period of time I was already adapted to all that conditions and start getting new friends and know also how in the villages area used to live. I was so know to my school because I was the youngest guy in all school and I was only 11 years only and other stranger thing was that a close friend I had that moment we used to have same name.
The Headmaster of the school was putting a prize for me in case I will get to be in the top 3 in my class but the saddest thing was that after joining the secondary school instead of taking my studies task too seriously I started joining the dancing club and put all my effort on that and about class it start to be worst day to day so that in the first term I deceived my dad and my general average come only to 55% and I don’t know how I can explain the sorrow my dad felt because the first thing I ever ask as to do was to just perform with all our being in class and ask him whatever we need to reach that and really he gave me everything I ever asked for. I don’t know what was happening with me because the second and the third term was also the same and that lead me to passing last on the passing list. The following year also I can’t really say that even thou I passed to Senior 2 but it was just because the first year was like repeating what we have done in the national exam. After being in senior 2 I continued my strange life with less average on my class performance and in the third and the last term of the senior 2 my dad got sick and the doctors didn’t manage to save him and he passed away. It was Saturday morning the day I will never forget I was best friend of my elder brother coming to school that was never been happened before because they had to come in person and immediately I feel that something was wrong even thou I couldn’t guess what it was. My elder’s brother friend told me that my dad was sick and want me to get home and from that moment I didn’t be able to say a word he get to the headmaster to request a permission for me to go home but he explained them that my dad died because me I was in the dormitories trying to collect small stuff I could take with me and I tried to explain my friends that my dad is sick but I couldn’t, it was like my tongue was not able to move I just used sings trying to explain to them that am going home. And then the man come and we went to take a bus and on our way to the bus station he told me that already my dad passed away early in the morning and I couldn’t cry also, so we take a bus and arriving home I saw the situation and accept that it’s really my dad died. I didn’t go back to school to finish my term I spend like a month just thinking what I could do to honor his life and his name and end up deciding to become the man he wanted me to become and make him living the life he wanted me to have.
Aftermath I get register to another school and repeat the senior 2, since I didn’t get over the top 5 in any class I used to enrolled in, in senior 6 also we have to sit for a national exam and I was in computer science and management, so we pass the exam and in the 4 classes for the senior six in computer science and management 11 persons succeed with an excellent note and I was the 4th on that list and I get a chance to enter in university with a government scholarship.
To be well oriented with this long story of mine let me take you through my professional experience life because right away after only 5 months I got a job in an hospital called Kibagabaga as a Data Manager I worked there for a year before I decide to resign and for the my undergraduate scholarship. The prerequisite to enter in the university in my country we have to attend an intensive training for 1month, so there and get registered to Tumba College of Technology in IT Department and I spend a year there and living condition become an issue then I drop the course and go to a private university called Adventist University of Central Africa where I also get enrolled in faculty of IT Major in Information Management, I have been in that university from 2011 to 2015 where my journey in that university was really miserable due to many facts of the life.
Let me shared some of the hard moments I had in the university, due to life circumstances related on gathering tuition fees and many other needs human beings may need I was always looking for a job and I have been blessed because at the time I entered that university I had a job the north of our country in the District of Musanze where many Rwandan tourist come to visit Volcanoes park to see Gorillas in that park. I used to work as an EMR Data manager similar to the first job I had, so in the university I was registered as a full time student and at the job I was also a full time contract staff which means I was supposed to be available from Monday to Friday to my job as well as to my academics related tasks. At that time I have been exhausted, from campus to where I worked it was a 3 hours trip and sometimes they used to do some test while I was at my job and I was trying to manage and ask a favor to the lecturer so that I can pass the test with the evening program students and trust me most of the time trying to read was so difficult but God has been so good to me and the first year ended good with a note which I think was mine even thou it was not that good grades. After that complicated situation I had another chance to work in a cybercafé near my home place and been working there for 9 months and it was so great to me because I studied in the morning and my shift at work was supposed to start at 4pm which was feasible, so I enjoyed that 9 months and my points increased somehow.
I want to share also the good experience I enjoyed in the job I get after that 9 months I spend in the cybercafé, where I worked in an NGO(Non-Government Organization) and it was on 3 months contract bases we used to work for 3 months and break for the next 3 months and come back for another 3 months and so on, that temporary job was very great because I gained a lot of money in a short period of time and I get also a time to focus on my studies and family. I worked there for approximately 3 years and my position was Data Cleaner. I graduated for my bachelor’s degree in 2015 while I was still in that NGO and I continued to work for them till the first months of 2016 where I get a job of Database and Application Administrator and that time I was full of joy because now I was starting to work on the real career of my life.
In my career as a Database admin I faced a lot challenges which also mark my life. It was the first time I was going to work on a big amount of data and a very sensitive database which means even if I was overwhelmed for the opportunity I was gaining but I had so much pressure on me due to many taught asking myself how is going to be look like, asking myself many negative questions like: what if the database crushed, what if some data been deleted and won’t be able to trace the route, what if we get hacked etc. but after the first month I get integrated and my co-workers has been so kind and helpful to easy my entrance in my position. I have had so many good moments in my current work which I couldn’t get time talk to all about it but let me shared about the last 2 weeks before I come here.
Before I come here in Korea in my department we was finalizing the project and as I was one of two person who was did the assessment report to refer to and the good option was to finalize it and make sure we get financial support instead of handing over to someone who would have spent up to 1 month to get on the point to present it and convince the commit from the ministry of finance, so we work day and night with my Direct in the department of IT and the project was presented and approved by the commit in one week. My colleagues set up a party to wish me good and success for my master’s degree scholarship and it was a surprise. So it was Monday and I was in the southern province where I was supposed to support them on the access of one of our application after the support I went back to my office where it was one hour to get and I get there around lunch time as my Director knew all the process of the support and know that am on my way coming arranged everything and where I get in my office my director called me on my phone and tell me to come that he wanted to tell me something important about the project and rush looking for him but he wasn’t in his office, so I called him asking where he is and reply: “am in the cuisine taking coffee join me there” and I run to get that important information and reaching there the room was so full of all staff and one by one shakes my hand and tell me good luck. That act was so touching and we shared lunch then get back to work. The other thing is that my institution was planned to have a trip to one of the biggest park in my country called Akagera in the weekend following the date of coming here and they changed then put the trip on Saturday so I can go with and share with them that good moments. On that Saturday we visited the park and get a chance to see the elephants, zebra, crocodile, etc. but we didn’t get chance to see lion. The following day was Sunday and I left Rwanda on that day.
At the end just let me share in a very short summary how my trip from Rwanda to Korea has been. I have been given an air ticket for Qatar airways and the departure time was 4:20pm. I went to the airport and some member of my family was with me just to say bye, after they left and then take a plane to Doha the capital city of Qatar. Arriving there I was surprised how the airport in Qatar in such a big airport, and rush to get to the gate of getting checked to get to waiting room to go onboard for Incheon in Korea. Here I can’t forget to mention good service from the Qatar airways and the good plane we come with which is an airbus a big plane with internet all over the way. Korea, finally I entered Korea and the climate start being a challenger and the new challenger started that day and the bus took us to the ICC and the food start being a big challenge too, but I can’t end up without saying how Korea received as with much care and respect.

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