My career goal at this time is to join ALL where I can continue to provide students with high quality EAP and literacy educationMy career goal at this time is to join ALL where I can continue to provide students with high quality EAP and literacy education

My career goal at this time is to join ALL where I can continue to provide students with high quality EAP and literacy education. I have ample experience in teaching academic English skills to students with different language backgrounds.

In the United States, I taught EAP or College Preparation Courses for several years. The courses I helped design and teach were “pre-sessional” courses and “in-sessional courses”. The pre-sessional courses prior to the students’ main academic courses covered academic writing, listening, speaking and reading skills. Academic writing was one of the most important and popular courses. I worked with students on the process of writing – planning, organising, proof-reading, etc. Also, I emphasized the ability to think logically and independently, to be reflective and to employ critical thinking. I addressed different genres or kinds of writing – arguments, process, essays, term papers, reports and research writing. The listening courses addressed varied skills including how lectures are organized, note taking, deducing the meaning of unfamiliar words, understanding voice and intonation, and basic skills like listening to gist and summarising. In academic reading, I personally focused on helping students overcome the biggest obstacle they face which is the amount of reading involved. Many students rely on slow word by word reading which hinders their progress in their studies. Therefore, it is crucial that I teach them efficient reading strategies. Additionally, I taught a number of in-sessional courses that dealt mainly with Business English. My students were already enrolled in the college of business and required additional language support classes. My classes focused on business presentations, writing emails and reports, discussion techniques, and using appropriate terminology.

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At Zayed University, I started as an instructor in UC and I was on the team that developed the ZU General Learning Outcomes which include academic English, critical thinking and information literacy. In ABP, my teaching over the last few years has shifted to fully addressing EAP skills. I have tried to fulfil the objectives in our curriculum by employing EAP principles such as using authentic texts, using real college lectures, podcasts, TeDTalks, and most importantly allowing students to determine and be responsible for their own learning through giving my students some freedom to set their own goals and suggest topics to cover in class.
I have ample experience in applying teaching and assessment methodologies, and in writing and developing educational and teaching material. I am capable of simplifying lesson plans to achieve curricular goals without sacrificing quality. I am a passionate and compassionate teacher who is always sensitive to and aware f my students’ unique needs.

I consider myself a versatile, flexible teacher, and I embrace change. I routinely go beyond the scope of my duties to ensure that my students achieve their goals.

I am a team player, and my strong initiative and organization skills combined with my ability to work well under pressure will allow me to play a crucial role in our fast-paced teaching environment. I believe that I will be an asset to ALL.