Managing the employees performance is a continuous process throughout the employment

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Managing the employees performance is a continuous process throughout the employment. It involves ensuring that the performance of the employees contributes to the goals set out by the service user or the employer. The aim of this is to continuously improve performance amongst the team and the organisation. Everyone can always improve on some aspect. Good performance management assists everyone within the organisation to know what is required:
• The skills and competencies required to carry out and fulfil their role.
• What the business is trying to achieve.
• The standards of performance required.
• If there is a performance problem what steps they would need to take to solve them.
• How their performance can be developed to contribute to the development of the organisation and the service user.
• How they are doing.
The performance management process should be a positive process as long as it is approached in the correct manner. The employee involved should understand that their manager is trying to support them to do the best they possibly can within their role and not just criticising everything they do. Each employee will react differently when the management performance process is being followed.
In my experience you will always need to adjust how you are slightly with each employee as everyone is different and we all learn in different ways. As long as everything is done fairly and the end result is the same I don’t see an issue with this. Not everyone enjoys having supervisions but it is important to find out why someone doesn’t like them and work through it. Some people just presume that they are done just to have your work criticised.


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