Life is categorized by precarious twists and turnsLife is categorized by precarious twists and turns

Life is categorized by precarious twists and turns. Risky conditions may happen anytime. No matter what you do or wherever you are, the fact remains that accidents may happen. According to John Furst (2014), Having a knowledge in First aid can save people’s lives – a small time invested by learning first aid can produce a lifetime of advantages. Medical emergencies and dangerous scenarios happen all the time and we are never sure when they will occur. If an accident happens in the street as you go home and you saw that no one assist the victim because the medical emergency has not yet arrived, you can give first aid for the victim because you have the basic knowledge. According to (New Medical Association Sport Injuries and Physical Education (2014), if you are trained with first aid skills, you can delay the deteriorating condition, save lives and even salvage an individual with CPR, if necessary. The aspect in which you respond during critical stage can increase the likelihood of survival for an individual. According to Aldana (2013), If an accident happens in the workplace, you cannot be a helpless witness. According to Lotufri (2014), First aid training for all the employees is highly recommended for the safety and prevention of illness or injury in the workplace, and it is a requirement as a company, to ensure your employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. You must provide adequate equipment, facilities and personnel to deal with emergency situations to give aid to the victim. Simple techniques such as CPR(Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), bandaging techniques, and more can be performed by someone who has a knowledge in performing basic first aid. Accidents can happen anywhere. This may include cleaning minor cuts, scrapes, or scratches. It also involves treating a minor burn and applying bandages in cases of fracture and injuries. Initial assistance which is first aid should be given to a victim of injury or illness. There are many ways to know how to do first aid. These can be learned in smartphones, tablet, iPad, laptop and any other gadgets.

Mostly everything that is used today to teach and learn has been a result of technology. All materials, including the Internet, had some connection to the growing technology. According to Bernard (2017), with adaptive technology assisting every individual at different skill level, users are better to learn on their own. Technology has affected the way things are presented and taught in every way and had a large impact on the materials that are used and the way we use these materials to teach a person.

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Games are important learning tools that provide interactive and creative spaces for users to learn and explore. It recognizes the proven power of digital games for learning and is committed to fostering the broader adoption of high-quality games in informal learning settings. According to Teyssier (2016), Games’ notion is important for your learners. This is the reason of why they will be motivated and interested in the training. Everybody likes to play and have fun, even more when you learn skills at the same time. Moreover, your learners will want to win in the training and have the best result they can. Users will learn first aid through technology. By playing the first aid game on the cell phone, the user is aware of what to do if there is an accident or emergency. Most games about first aid are informative. The proponents will make a game that will add to the user’s know-how and enjoy the game.