Lady Macbeth enters her room holding a taperLady Macbeth enters her room holding a taper

Lady Macbeth enters her room holding a taper.
Oh life! Disease has spread across my whole body. My limbs and hands wreak of blood! Oh, spots be gone! The spots remain on my body. I can’t stop itching at these bloody spots. “Go wash hands”. This had worked for Macbeth, but my body is uncleanable from these devilish deeds. I look so ill, haggard and pale. I look like a living walking disease. I am no lady or a queen. I have been unsexed and I feel so much pain.
A damned doctor will not cleanse me. He knows of the darkness within me and wants me dead. He wishes for me to rot away under the soil. I’ve spilled my secrets in my slumber and have naked myself to his eye. Why would he help a recantation of the devil? However, that spiteful gentlewoman, I resent her. She spread tales to my servants to turn against their own queen.
I know Duncan waits beside my grave just waiting for my body and soul to die out like this taper. My soul is bound to hell as I have killed an innocent man and a worker of god. All we did was kill Duncan, we thought Macbeth could do a better job. Duncan was a great king. If only I had not called Macbeth unmanly, Duncan could still be among the living and this affliction on myself and my husband would have never happened.
Banquo’s ghost also haunts this castle. Myself can not see his ghastly figure but I can no longer see Macbeth without me seeing Banquo’s blood. So much blood it fills the room and covers the floor like a river. The stench drowns my nose and makes me cower back to my room.
However, a question on my mind remains. The Thane of Fife had a wife, but where is she now? She has taken her last breath alongside her young growing son. Imagine the pain of watching your son killed down in front of your own innocent eyes. Who could plot such a thing? Who could plot such an evil murder to take a life of an innocent family, an innocent child for gods sake. I know of a man whose corruption has taken his mind, body and soul, Macbeth.
Oh, King Macbeth, my once true love. You are now a hell spawn who works for Satan. Go rot Macbeth! You are a monster, lurking in the night. Who is the next victim of your evil? Perhaps myself, murder me, stab me just as you did to Duncan. You are a murder and not the man who I fell in love with. Do you feel the creeping pain and guilt? You have done much more Satan like deeds with your power and surely would feel some guilt? Perhaps you are too corrupted and will never return to my Macbeth. Those witches you worship, they have planted evil in your head. You have been absorbed by evil and surely will be conquered soon enough Macbeth. I will wait for you in hell, where we can walk endlessly.
Now, what shall I do? I cannot bare another day, hour or minute with this guilt? To bed! To bed! I wish for sleep, endless sleep. I am a worthless person; no longer can I call myself a queen. I do not deserve to breathe amongst the people who I betrayed. I search for redemption, for light.
‘Lady Macbeth stares at the taper, idolizing it.’

To the taper. Why does this little light blaze in such a dark atmosphere?
Lady Macbeth launches the taper in her fireplace.
Bright light destroys this monster now and stop the corruption hidden inside me. My guilt has spread like a wild raging fire. I know what I must do.
‘Lady Macbeth approaches the fire slowly’
My servants will be pleased to hear of my death and surely in Glamis, Britain, Fife, they will rejoice.
‘She places her left hand into the fire.’
I have been given no choice, I must act now.
‘Lady Macbeth walks into the fire and cries out in agony’
Let this light take my life and cover my corruption.
‘Lady Macbeth dies’

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