Journal Reflection #1 1 Journal Reflection #1 Brian Perez CSUSM Reflection #1 SummaryJournal Reflection #1 1 Journal Reflection #1 Brian Perez CSUSM Reflection #1 Summary

Journal Reflection #1 1

Journal Reflection #1
Brian Perez

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Reflection #1

Summary: 2
What do you see in this picture? As you reflect on this image, think about your personal
aspirations and the reasons why you are in college. In order to successfully accomplish your
goals, how will you overcome obstacles or challenges in college?
What I see in this picture is that a person is not confined by their misfortune or by their
parent’s misfortune. A person is capable of changing their life if they are willing to put in the
time and effort. They are able to break out of the cycle. In this picture, the cycle of this family is
farming. Being a farm worker is a really hard job to have. Working as a farmer or farm worker is
made up of long days, low paychecks, and really labor intensive. The pay is not good at all, and
working as a farm worker can lead to many health issues. Many people have had to pursue
becoming a farm worker, and once they are in, most people can’t quit because it’s their only
source of income.
Once someone has committed to being a farm worker, and they have children, their kids
are most likely to help out their parents in these farms. The cycle is then created. From then on,
the farm workers’ children will continue to become farm workers, until the cycle is broken. For
instance, in this picture, the father is likely to be a farmer since he was a little boy. His father
might have been a farmer too, causing him to help out in the farm. In the end, morphing him into
a farm worker and trapping him in the cycle. However, there is always a way out of the cycle. It
could be quitting and finding a new job or through education. In this case, the daughter has
graduated from college or some other institute and has used education to break free from this
cycle of farming. Instead of becoming a art of NASA, just like the astronaut from todays video.

She has broken out and now has endless opportunities for her occupation. With this education,
she can get a high paying job to support herself and help out her father with ease.
People are capable of doing almost anything they want when they are determined to make
a change in their life. People can start their own business, join the military , or work at a job that
makes them happy. In addition, a large amount of people choose to go to school to gain a higher
education and surpass their parent’s income. By going to school, it shows that they care about
their future and they are willing to complete their education. After they complete school, they
can pursue a well paying job or go into a career choice that is right for them. As a result of all
their hard work they now are able to gain a sustainable income for themselves and live a
comfortable life.
In my life, I aim to become a computer systems analyst in the future. I have always had
an interest in the computer world and want to learn all about the process of coding programs
along with solving problems and applying them to the real world. I know that it is a very good
field to study in and with the support of my family, I believe I am able to do this. There will be
many obstacles along the way, but I think if I manage my time well and complete things on time,
I will overcome. However, if I can’t do it alone, I have to admit that I am overwhelmed and find
help and assurance.
I have come into Cal State San Marcos in order to gain my degree in computer science
and get one step closer in becoming a C.P.A. In addition to gaining my degree, I hope to gain an
understanding of who I am and hope to grow intellectually and mentally.