Is it ethical to change a character beyond what the initial creator intendedIs it ethical to change a character beyond what the initial creator intended

Is it ethical to change a character beyond what the initial creator intended. Throughout the years the diversity in superheroes has changed from your modern basic hero such as age, ethnicity, race, background, sexual preference and in my opinion I think it is good for today’s society. The first surge of super heroes was your typical straight white male man which came out in the mid 1950s in a time where whites were still seen as the dominant race in all aspects of life. As times progress and things change heros have become diverse and i thinks this is only the start to some of the greatest heroes the comic world has ever seen.

Many people believe changing the look of a hero takes away from the original character but changing small details about a character doesn’t change who they really are and what they stand for. In my opinion changing the looks of a superhero can help attract more fans and a different crowd of hero lovers. Having a superhero who looks like you or same sexual preference can be a symbol of inspiration or hope that what you look like is not a roadblock and you can be whatever you want. Marvel and DC comics is making a lot of progress with hit tv shows and movies on the big screen with many new heros re emerging such as black panther, wonder woman, cyborg, etc. This could open up the door for other characters who deserves a shot at the big screen like Ms. Marvel or Miles Morales. Spiderman:Homecoming hinted at miles morales existence by the criminal Aaron Davis played by Danny Glover who is Miles’s uncle in Spiderman comics. If they do give Miles a shot at the big screen they should make sure to do it the right way, by getting a good actor who resemble the correct ethnicity and not white washing the cast which has been done in many colored, and native or movies over the years and which defeats the purpose of trying to reach that crowd. Some people say diversity is the reason in sales dropping. Marvel vice president David Gabriel stated in an interview in which he suggested that poor sales was because readers were uninterested in comic books featuring nonwhite and female superheroes which is false because the two top grossing films of the year (guardians of the galaxy 2, $863 million) and (Wonderwoman, $821 million) which starred heroes who people who don’t watch comics had no idea who they were and the other starred a woman.

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I think characters can be changed but the story line should stay in sequence and there should be a main backstory but when your start changing key event and detail in a characters there should be a sort of passing of the torch to the new character instead of dragging a character out which makes fans lose interest. In the comic world they have series where the heroes have kid heroes who they train for when they’re gone. If they brought that idea to the big screen it would bring potential to the hero world. The market for reboots is getting worse and the only way to reboot the movie market is with new characters. “This is the right decision for the franchise, for our business, for Marvel, and for the fans,” said Sony chairman Michael Lynton. Instead of focusing on old characters they should be focusing on the new era of heroes.

Therefore I believe it is ethical to change an old character but there should be limits on how much they change on the character and the creators should expand their ideas on new characters.