INTRODUCTION You might be wondering if you should include traditional media options in your 2018 marketing planINTRODUCTION You might be wondering if you should include traditional media options in your 2018 marketing plan

You might be wondering if you should include traditional media options in your 2018 marketing plan. Many digital marketers might feel that traditional, outbound marketing techniques, such as billboards and print ads, are no longer in style. The truth is that it really depends on your target audience and the purpose of your campaign. In many ways, traditional marketing is still very effective when used correctly.

A problem that runs a close second has these individuals struggling with the idea of how to conduct marketing without going broke in the process. Because every dollar counts, marketing often seems to be something they simply cannot afford.

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However, the opposite is true in most cases. Businesses that are not doing as well as others typically need to increase their marketing efforts.  Spending the right money in the right marketing strategies can drive the success of your business.

There are a lot of new marketing tactics and also media that have emerged in recent years. Although, we have to be careful because not all of them are particularly effective for all types of businesses. With so much buzz about digital and web marketing, there ae many traditional business owners are asking themselves if traditional marketing is even still alive.

Rest assured, it is alive and well! You just have to know where to look for it.

Traditional methods of marketing typically involve advertising through newspapers, magazines, telephone books, radio and Television. There are the ads that are typically place for a fee which corresponds with the size of the advertisements as well as the medium in which it is published.

Although many of the traditional marketing opportunities have either completely disappeared or changed dramatically, there are still opportunities available for those business owners who do not want to venture into an entirely new and unfamiliar world of brick and click.

“A diverse marketing strategy gets the best results” – Think Creative Group
There are several reasons of why traditional markets are still relevant.
Firstly, traditional marketing is considered as a less expensive option when an organization are trying to market their product or service. Although digital marketing has a lot of appeal and benefits, however it could be pricey. Traditional marketing on the other hand, has far less expensive option. The most simple printing that an organization could have is their own business card. It could be small but it has significant impact on businesses especially when it is handed out strategically to the people who have a very good network. Besides that, flyers is also one of the most suggested ways in reaching a lot of people. To have a great impact or outcomes, an organization can hand it out at populated areas.

Secondly, nothing beats face to face interactions when promoting. It is easy to advertise a product and services online but having the face to face conversation, it will enable the customers to actually get a taste of the product that are being promoted. Also, it will also enable an organization to build trust in any relationship, especially in business.

Thirdly, it reaches target markets quicker. Many people have their own online account or feel comfortable around the web yet there are still a number of people who do not know how to access the internet. For such individual, newspaper and radio promotions stay to be the best method for advestising. This is especially valid for more older generation. CONCLUSION
Marketing methods may have evolved and improved over time, but the goal of marketing remains the same. This is the primary reason why those considered old-school can still be used effectively even in the digital age. There are certainly a lot of benefits to be had when choosing to go the digital marketing route, but traditional marketing strategies aren’t to be taken lightly, either.

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