Introduction Situated in one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the worldIntroduction Situated in one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world

Situated in one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, Australian’s are exposed to a variety of cultures. Does this have an effect on one’s dating preferences? My concept explores the persons in society, and the impact of ethnicity; on their behaviour on the decision of a romantic companion.

Being a person of European and Asian descent within Australia, evoked curiosity to further research into a pre-studied documentary, ‘Date My Race’ by SBS. These influencing factors, catalysed my epiphany of exploring if a persons’ preference of dating partner, is ultimately determined by ones ethnicity. Reflecting on my personal life as well as our society, I became interested in discovering the origin of the different perspectives of other cultures placed within Australia; and their beliefs and values towards this topic.

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It is my conjecture, that the differing human behaviours in our society all originate from the profound context of the individual, which later effects their decision of a romantic partner. Ethnicity may largely contribute towards dating preferences, although this may be more inherent within humans than what meets the eye.

The following research delves deeper into the biological and evolutionary elements of love, that creates a nexus between ethnicities within dating preferences. Simultaneously, I unveil the opposing cultures between race’s, that impact an individuals opinion and decision on finding a romantic partner; as ones context greatly influences the individuals preferences.

Through my research I considered the male vs. female perspectives. As I identify with the female point of view, a males viewpoint eliminates most subjectivity towards this topic, and allowed me to understand a perspective other than my own. I utilised the primary research of: interviews, a questionnaire and content analysis in order to evaluate the macro levels influence on the meso level communities. The content analysis offered an insight into the portrayed ethnicities within the news in television media, which greatly influence its audience from a macro level as it is an easily accessible platform. Interview enabled me to research in depth, how certain factors of specific cultures may impact the individuals dating preferences, and what the ‘rules of attraction’ are. In conjunction, the questionnaire analysed and statistically gathered information of a broad range of cultures and their perspective of this topic. These three research methods contain both qualitative and quantitative features which were effective in gathering data, as they suit the needs for my concept.

My PIP has allowed me to discover that human behaviour is a complex process, which is derived from the individuals experience and natural surroundings. This offers an understanding of the differing perspectives of others, and why they act in a certain manner. It unveiled that I should be non-judgmental and objective when performing my primary research, to receive the best information as I could, and respect the participants. Developing an open mind towards my performed research, enabled me to embrace a persons differences; and as a result, gained the following investigation on whether ethnicity impacts dating preferences or not.