Introduction I have worked as IT support for 11 years supporting faulty programs or PC or work stations and supporting users by telephone and taking remote controls to analysis the problem and then write a report about the problemIntroduction I have worked as IT support for 11 years supporting faulty programs or PC or work stations and supporting users by telephone and taking remote controls to analysis the problem and then write a report about the problem


I have worked as IT support for 11 years supporting faulty programs or PC or work stations and supporting users by telephone and taking remote controls to analysis the problem and then write a report about the problem, I have started to learn computing in Middlesbrough college in United kingdom (UK) I have joined OCR level 1 and from here I started to understand about computing, then I have taking courses to learn MCSE Microsoft certified system engineering I have learned and become expert in how to create an intranet network technically known as local network and how to create security. I have as well taking a course in mobile computing and then after two years of study I have learned mathematic and how to create network.

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My plan is to excel my skills upon this course since I started to learn about PDP it very obvious that my skills its already improved and its developed automatically because the situation of the course it motivating me to do more to learn more it is encouraging me or I am already encouraged to understand through this subjects or study its create skills and create incentives for my future and my target of career that’s I am looking for.

I am on the right way on making or keeping myself to be marked as a professional and with gaining the sufficient skills by delving researching more I am putting or evaluating myself to be an expert because already I knows how to deal with upon this subjects and it does reflect into my skills on my work place I can support my work place with the knowledge which I can utilised to support them and it dose as well boost or inspire me to influence with very strong skills which Its advantages for me in order to be an solution creator and a plans developer from this filed.

Statements of Purpose of personal goals.
I need to achieve the maximal understanding and how to develop my skills and improve, enhance and direct this abilities. The computing can create excellent or outstanding society that’s can create self-confidence and capabilities come up with skilled at certain activities.
I have decided to create a web site which present all the heritage places in Oman and this include camera photography so we can give closer idea and information’s about the places, and as well we can provide telephone numbers and e-mail address about the nearest hotels available in that area
This website include all the academics places as well the career we sites. Strategic or this dynamic plans that’s will benefits the society and will save their time as well, we will provide guidance in how to use the computer in order to be faster in searching for any information right through the internet this methods processes to save the time.
Oman has many mountains and it has places that’s attract the society in the web site will include pictures of this places which will motivate browser to discover more about Oman and its nature.

Since I joined my specialist we are beginning to plan in how to protect the environment from any fraud we trained how to create a secure network and as we instruct people in how to avoid them self from any suspect attack such not to open an suspicious e-mail arrived in their mail box account.
stretch yourself intellectually
Though the time if you focus in one thing and you treated seriously with loyalty you will going to achieve your goals. My idea is to open institute and start to gives the knowledge that’s I have for the new generation, I can benefits them and give them or deliver the skills and experience and not restrict for myself only.

To work with them team its gives self-confidence, work in group open another desired skills that will allow you to express yourself and you can share any idea that’s you have with group

Join in student club this is the places where you can share your skills and experiences and ideas with other students and you can plan for any additional activities on other hand you can meet the society and learn about their culture and you can make some activities such opening Library to allow people understand about their society or to open internet room to instruct and help the users in how to use the computer safely.

Woking with a wide range of people Working with a lot of people needs to have a work plan prearranged and be working in teams and be organized work within the teams earn you skills, which is also positive for exit can also be trips to explore nature

Working as volunteer is a great job you can possible to set up a team to clean the beach of waste and also can set up a team to plant trees and also can help those who need to help or visit and give gifts to those who suffer from incurable diseases in the hospital. The campaign can be organized to identify nature and how to preserve it and preserve its wildlife

Effective people in life are effective and successful in society. When you meet with people you see very important you can record their numbers because they are really important people
Emotional intelligence it can recognized by way of to screen other people and off one’s own sensations.
usage sensitive information toward in the direction of thinking besides behaviour. Sensitive intellect as well.
replicates capabilities on joining intellect understanding besides emotions on the way to put right thought besides thoughtful through of relational dynamics also considerable difference be existent about the meaning Emotional intelligence by means of esteem terminology besides operationalization’s
Presently at hand three primary representations of Emotional intelligence:
1-Capability model
2-Varied model (typically counted below trait Emotional intelligence
3-Peculiarity model

If we take positional of responsibility
In taking a role is very fair countenance where can be situated at a variation of methods
However. Helps as an import that point toward not anything else. It does not appear similar of whatever you looking after
In taking upon a role is as you supposed to earnings the role which was before engaged with someone else
which obviously seems of what target for in sense of replaced colleague another
Employee therefore taking over the Employee role
Taking the position responsibilities is as is mentioned to agree to take as experiment. On the other hand, look like underlining the alternative phase on top the experiment or the challenge alternative as a minimum. According of what I can explain by your illustration.
Before blame and get knowledge from confusing act. They gets the way to gets ideas from their mistakes we get some advice after carful observation and advantages from over mistakes, however the basis is because realizing person is going to do mistakes and the will made mistakes.
With no idea. Thiers decision to make it right, responsibilities of result sense of which will motivates their study of the attitudes fine and after to decide the excellent
decision out of hesitation. They considered trough out their personality capable to blowout happiness and bring in joy to the surrounding souls all around then,
which provide a positive scope into them lives Individuality.
They regulate themselves and understand what they Owen and what do they gets in hand make between them make balance for themselves and they surrounding individual it is mistakes mentioning that they did not hesitate upon to make a decision along the expression of action.
The relationships creation because the ability the have by dealing among psychological, mental and social around those along them and the creation of the accurate sound Tolerance, relationships: the capabilities of flexibility psychological to award the owner is going to left the insistence and perseverance among the error and made the further in order to apologize upon them mistakes.

Definition of discipline and discipline

A system is a set of systems and elements that interact together to achieve certain goals. It

can also be defined as a group of works consisting of the human element and machines that come together, so that they are connected to each other with specific relationships and comprehensive laws.
While discipline is defined as a disciplined act, self-discipline is said to mean self-control or behaviour aimed at personal improvement and improvement, and military discipline is said to mean regularity and obedience to military orders.

Types of order and discipline
Discipline and discipline include all aspects of a person’s life, such as his or her individual life, such as: beautification, cleanliness, time commitment, or social life, such as meeting deadlines and carrying out the tasks entrusted to him, even if the methods used by the individual vary. A single family is different from the application of the system in military societies or the work community, when the individual considers that the system is a religious demand urged by the Islamic religion and all divine messages, it senses its importance.
System benefits and discipline
Protecting the rights of individuals in society, and protecting the weak from the power of the strong and depriving them of their rights.
Achieving equality among the members of society. When applying order and discipline to all individuals, no one feels a preference for others, thus maintaining the interdependence of all.
Business performance is best and best, when the application of the system can the individual creativity and innovation in the safety and preservation of rights.
Ability to control the community and its members, determine the powers of each individual or group, and protect society from chaos
assertiveness is also important and is related to the Ability to take appropriate risks for literature and stand for yourself