INSE 6230 Total Quality Project Management Final Project ReportINSE 6230 Total Quality Project Management Final Project Report

INSE 6230
Total Quality Project Management
Final Project Report:


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PRESENTED TO: Professor Fereshteh Mafakheri

PRESENTED ON: November 29,2018
In playing out our task, we needed to take the assistance and rule of some regarded people, who merit our most prominent appreciation. The finishing of this task gives us much pleasure. We might want to demonstrate our appreciation Ms. Fereshteh Mafakheri, Concordia University for giving us a decent rule for task all through various meetings. We might likewise want to grow our most profound appreciation to each one of the individuals who have straightforwardly and in a roundabout way guided us in composing this task.

Moreover, a thank you to Professor ___ta______, who acquainted us with the Methodology of work, and whose energy for the “fundamental structures” had enduring impact. We additionally thank the Concordia University for agree to incorporate copyrighted pictures as a piece of our paper.

Numerous individuals, particularly our schoolmates and colleagues itself, have made important remark recommendations on this proposition which gave us a motivation to enhance our task. We thank every one of the general population for their assistance straightforwardly and in a roundabout way to finish our task.

The Hi- Tech apartments intend to recoup the conventional apartments. The planned facilities will be better able to meet the future demands of both traditional and evolving technological services. The monetary effect related with the venture is the mix of the development stage and the operational stage. The development stage is a short term impact whereas the operational stage provides benefits on an annual basis over the life of the project. The task of the new flat gives extra financial yield and business on a yearly premise over the life of the venture. Moreover, the construction and operational economic impacts associated with the project, there are numerous legacy impacts. Legacy impacts allude to the commitment of the venture to the more extensive long haul social and financial objectives of HRM. Furthermore, the results of this project will provide people a safe, secure and well-equipped apartment to live with comfort.

About us:
Established in 2002, by VK Kumar (CEO) our company started constructing buildings like condos , hospitals, educational institutions etc and now along with construction we also deals with IT Solutions, Power and Chemical sector.
Net Worth: $50 billion ( 2002- 2018)
Yearly Revenue- $ 6 billion
Previous Successes- The Riverview Hospital, Kids Zone School, Fortune Apartments
Our next dream project “Construction of Hi- Tech Apartments” is collaboration of all technologies in which we are dealing.

Hi- Tech Apartments:
In this revolutionary world where technology is growing at a fast rate and people are getting use to such technologies, our company has decided to build a residential place that not only offers basic facilities but also provides some smart features in it. Here are some features listed below that makes Hi-Tech Apartments different from others:
o Energy Efficient and Smart: Home mechanization depends on the systems administration of different electrical and electronic hardware in the house, controlled by a unified framework that we will incorporate in our apartments This framework can be controlled utilizing a divider contact board, a remote control, an advanced mobile phone or a tablet and even by voice acknowledgment. It is subsequently conceivable to control or more all, to computerize occasions, for example:
1. Turn the sprinklers on at 8pm
2. Keep up a steady temperature in the house and to screen it remotely
3. Open the shades and certain lights at 7am and begin playing loosening up music to help wake you up
4. Recreate your schedules when you’re away in the midst of a furlough. For example, turning on lights, turn on the TV and even change channels.

o Sound Proof and Windproof: Nothing destroys your zen very as fast as the sound of loud neighbors above you, or blaring vehicles outside. We are going to add sound absorption products to eliminate harsher noises and improve sound quality in our units. Using advanced technology of insulated metal panel in walls and roofs we are going to make our apartments soundproof.


A protected metal board is a lightweight particular building material which shapes the whole building envelope (dividers and rooftop), warm protection, vapor obstruction, weatherproofing, imperviousness to fire (mineral fiber protected boards) and wrap up. Our boards comprise of metal facings clung to a basic mineral fleece or EPS center, accessible with special clasp framework for expanded tasteful intrigue.

o Proper Exhaust Facility: For good ventilation only windows are not sufficient so along with that mechanical ventilation will be provided.

• Attached Washroom Facility: Generally every apartment has single washroom which is considered a big issue for those families in which more than two people are working and have approximately same timing for work. So in order to save their time, each bedroom is provided with attached washroom.

• Home automation: SMS Based Device Control using GSM Modem.
The main objective of this project is to develop a System which can control the devices using SMS. The user can easily turn on/off appliances even if he/she forgot to do so just through a text from anywhere. This is an important feature added to the Hi-Tech building so that energy and time both can be saved by the user.

1. Designed to control and monitor devices through SMS.
2. 8 devices can be controlled.
3. Password authentication for device control.
4. Compact, less expensive and easy to design.

An Insight to Home Automation

As of late, there has been a developing enthusiasm among buyers in the brilliant home idea. Keen homes contain different, associated gadgets, for example, home excitement comforts, security frameworks, lighting, get to control frameworks and observation. Canny home computerization framework is joined into savvy homes to give comfort, comfort, and security to property holders. Home robotization framework speaks to and reports the status of the associated gadgets in a natural, easy to use interface enabling the client to associate and control different gadgets with the dash of a couple of catches. A portion of the real correspondence innovations utilized by the present home mechanization framework 5-7 incorporate Bluetooth, WiMAX and Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), Zigbee, and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM). All GSM is a standout amongst the most broadly utilized cell innovations on the planet. With the expansion in the number of GSM endorsers, innovative work is intensely upheld in further examining the GSM execution. The structure and model execution of essential home mechanization framework dependent on SMS innovation utilizing AT89C55 Atmel microcontroller. The microcontroller goes about as the extension between the GSM arrange also, sensors of the home mechanization framework. Further explores have been led to investigate the execution of other home mechanization control framework. Web and remote correspondences have additionally been used in parallel with GSM for home robotizations . Among the cell advancements, GSM arrange is favored for the correspondence between the home apparatuses what’s more, the client because of its across the board inclusion which makes the entire framework online for constantly. Another favorable position of utilizing the GSM arrange in home mechanization is its high security foundation, which gives greatest unwavering quality whereby other individuals

BUSINESS CASE: Business Case presents the potential benefits & risks associate with undertaking project.
Starting Date: 1-Nov-2017
Smart Building is an innovation to traditional building style with new automated technologies which would bring a drastic change in construction business.
Business Objectives
• Construction of Energy Efficient building.
• Self-Sustained building capable of generate own electric power.
• Buildings revolutionize the idea of Green-Eco friendly building.
• Reducing the Operating and utility cost.
• Contentment of Residents.
Current Situation and Opportunity Statement
Currently our company working on a project (Construction of Education centre) which will be completed within next month.
Intelligent building will generate beneficial revenue both for our company and sponsors. Our project expected to give a new direction towards innovative building.
Critical Assumptions and Constrains
• All the necessary resources will be available
• We will get permission of construction from authority
• Stakeholders will follow the ground rules.

Analysis of Options and Recommendations
Preliminary Project Requirement

• Dedicated Work Force.
• Permission from Authorities.
• Availability of site
• Financial Support from Sponsors.
Budget Estimate and Financial Analysis
Estimate Budget of our project will be around $40 million with yearly expenses of $90,000. Our project will generate revenues of approximate worth of $28,000,000.
Schedule Estimate
With good previous track record, it is estimated that this construction project will be completed within 1 year of time span.
Potential Risk
Risks are involved in every projects. Potential risk involved in this project is Cost Overun. Another risk is competitor copying the same idea.

Swot analysis helps us to recognize the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats of the firm in contrast to current business scenario.

Project Selection:
A.) Project Selection on the basis of Weight Scoring Method.
In this Project, we implement Weight Scoring Method for determining the location which is most appropriate for fulfillment project objectives effectively.
We were considering two locations
1. In the City
2. On the Outskirts

Criteria Weight in Percentage Location-In the City Location-On the Outskirts

Availability of Raw Material

Human Resources (Labour)


Easy Access to Market
Availability of Equipment and Machines (On basis of Buy vs. Renting Cost)
External Effects – Traffic, Climate etc

For Location 1 – In the city Weighted Score is
90*25% + 70*20% + 80*20% + 75*15% + 80*10% + 65*10%=
For Location 2 – On the Outskirts
80*25% + 70*20% + 75*20% + 70*15% + 76*10% + 85*10%=
20+14+15+10.5+7.6+8.5= 75.60
Clearly from the Results Location 1 has high Weighted Score. Therefore Location 1 was selected
B) Rate OF Investment
The ROI of this project gave the estimate idea the Payback time which further clarified whether this project should be selected or not. For this project Simple ROI was used.

Here Estimated Budget for our Project was $ 40 million and Estimated Yearly cost was considered to be around $90 thousand.

Yearly Revenue from the Project expected to be around $40 million.

Year 0
Year 1
Year 2

Year 3




Cash Flow

Cumulative Cash Flow-
For Year 0 = -$40,000,000
For Year 1 = -$40,000,000+$27,910,000= -$12,090,000
For Year 2 = -$18,090,000 + $27,910,000 = $15,820,000
For Year 3 = $15,820,000+$27,910,000 =$43,730,000
Therefore, The building will general positive ROI by the 2nd Year.
ROI = (Total Benefits – Total Cost)/Total Cost
(84,000,000-40270000)/40270000= 1.086
ROI = 108.6%
Payback period of our project will be occur during 2nd year of the project.

Kick off meeting:

Kick off meeting is the first meeting of the project which marks the beginning of the project. This meeting will describe the foundation of the project and other project planning activities. Risks involved in a project should be discussed in the meeting. In short, it displays the full summary of the project.

Project Manager distributes the work among the team members and describe their responsibilities according to their skills.

Project Name: Construction of Hi- Tech Apartments.

Meeting Objectives: The reason for the commencement meeting is to give the synopsis of the undertaking and examine the task plan. Venture targets ought to be disclosed to all the colleagues.

• Describe the project vision.
• Project scope discussion in detail.
• Project proposal
• Involvement of stake holders
• Formal introduction of team members.
• Official start of the project.
• Project risks.
• Encourage team members to own their responsibility and to ask for help in any case.
• Explain the communication plan (weekly meetings etc.)

Stakeholder Register: Stakeholder Register give comprehensive details to people who play important role in the projects and users who are greatly affected by the project

Project Sponsors
The prime associates of this project with CEO’s Names are given below

MR DAVID CLARKE (Email- [email protected]—–.com)
• Has experience of 10 years in project manager.
• Successfully handled more than 16 projects.
• Senior advisor of our company
• Civil Engineer


Project Charter
Project Name Project Management on Construction of Hi- Tech Apartments.
Project Description This project aims to provide people a safe, secure and well-equipped apartment than conventional apartments keeping in mind demands for traditional and technological services.
Budget The total budget estimated is CAD 40 Million
Project Start Date 1-November-2017 Project Finish Date 14-November-2018
Project Manager Mr David Clark —.com Date Approved 1-November-2017
Project Sponsor/s Rodney Walls, Stephanie H.Richardson, Vendron Zeta Signature
Business Case Project Goals/ Deliverables
Objective Energy-efficient and self sustainable building with reduced operating and utility cost • Scope statement
• Business case
• WBS and Project charter
• Marketing of project after final completion
• Providing ‘Promotional flyers’.
• Detailed project report.
• Time to time presentations given to client to show progress.

Schedule Estimate 1 year
constraint Permission from authority, availability of resources, financial support from sponsor

Team Members
Name Role
Jasmeet Singh Civil Engineer
Purva Arora Architect
Gursharan Deep Advisor
Kanika Kanika Field Supervisor
Vanshita Sharma Electrical Engineer
Risk and Constraints Milestone Deadlines
• Manage Budget
• Delivering project as per schedule
• Ensuring safety measures.
• Resolving stakeholder conflicts
• Resource supply and optimal utilization
• Ensuring fulfillment of legal constraints.
• Weather conditions
• Competitors M-1: Contract sign 1-November-2017
M-2: Layout 6-December-2017
M-3: Construction of Building 14-May-2018
M-4: Community
Park Construction 28-September-2018
M-5: Emergency Support 30-October-2018


Project Title: Project Management on Construction of Hi- Tech Apartments.
Project Objective:
The objective of this project is to build high quality, energy efficient and safe 16 storey residential buildings within an year of starting the project with aim of reducing carbon footprint. Initial estimate provided for budget is CAD 40 Million.
The project aims to provide 8 apartments per floor. The specifications for the same are decided as per end user’s choice collected through survey data received from marketing team. Project scope changes may be proposed by any team member, Project sponsor of this project is solely responsible for acceptance of project scope. Project Manager ensures updating of changed scope statement.
Project characteristics:
• Ensuring quality checks in parallel to project development.
• Streamlining follow up procedure with clients.
• Total quality management principles are ensured at the final outcome of project.
• Delivering safe, secure, energy efficient 20 storey building equipped with technological services.
• Meeting requirements of sponsor.
• Ensuring measures for continuous supply of electricity in Apartments.
• Receiving comments/suggestions from stakeholders and incorporating useful comments.
• Developing and handling different storey to different communities.
• To build from sustainable material to reduce carbon footprint
Project Deliverables
• Scope statement
• Business case, WBS and Project charter
• Marketing of project after final completion and Promotional flyers.
• Detailed project report.
• Time to time presentations given to client to show progress.
Project Success Criteria
• Project is accepted when finished within available time schedule and budget constraint and most important quality constraint.
• Delivery of all project related documents
This scope statement establish an agreement that above defined scope statement is in accordance with client needs. However, modification to this scope statement can be made during project development, which will constitute changes to cost/time schedule accordingly. We look forward to establish strong business collaboration throughout progress of this project.
Sign two copies of this letter:

Approved by the Project Sponsor:
_______________________________________ Date: ___________________
Rodney Walls
CEO, G-Power Automated & Electric solutions
_______________________________________ Date: ___________________
Stephnie H.Richardson,
CEO, Zeneric Pvt. Ltd
_______________________________________ Date: ___________________
Vendron Zeta
CEO, KAFF Accessories & Equipments
_______________________________________ Date: ___________________
Mr. David Clark
Project Manager,