In the age of technologyIn the age of technology

In the age of technology , trends come and go almost instantaneously . Ten years ago when someone thought of social media , he or she only thought about Myspace. Today , myspace is an afterthought , and there are two new faces top at the social media world . These few faces are facebook and twitter . They may seem very similar but they are extraordinary different in their overall structure , their friend or follower format and their communication layout.
One of the difference is style or customization . Twitter allows you to change many things on your profile. You can change the color scheme of your timeline and profile page which includes the background, the header if there’s no image, links in tweets and bio,and buttons . Facebook gives you no options like that. You can change your header and profile.
In contrast , facebook take a long time to load. It’s loading so many things from ads, pictures, videos, and your online friends. The videos and images take the longest and they’re what cause the web page to freeze up. Twitter is a lot lighter. Since they have a little less picture data it doesn’t take as long.

Even they have many difference , they also have a few of similarities . First is both allow their users to broadcast their ideas, opinions, questions and status blurbs to other users in their network. Facebook users perform such broadcasts via Facebook’s status update interface while Twitter users “tweet” their broadcasts. While Facebook users’ broadcasts can only be seen by those in their direct network, Twitter users’ tweets can be seen by anyone. Whether updating your status or tweeting, however, the idea behind the function is the same. Furthermore, the updates of users in your network can be seen via the “Feed” on Facebook and via the list of recent tweets on Twitter.
Then, facebook lets users upload and share videos and pictures, either directly through a Facebook update or via Facebook’s photo-sharing app, Instagram. Twitter is also similar you can tweet photos for your followers to see by uploading them right from your phone or computer and share videos with Twitter’s latest Vine video app.

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In conclusion , people can choose what apps that they prefer to use and easier to them . No matter what application they use , they still can know latest news everyday .