In recent years social media has become an important asset of student’s lifeIn recent years social media has become an important asset of student’s life

In recent years social media has become an important asset of student’s life. Teenagers satisfy themselves by using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and many more. Their life now depends on social media to interact with each other. Therefore, it becomes a basic need for them. Social media typically involve interactions of people through social networks and blogs. Social media is defined as a platform that helps a user to connect with other users through simple internet access. Consequently, social media have been upgrading day by day. As a result, more teenagers get indulge on social media for their intercourse. Some people argue that advancement of social media threatens the life of teenagers because they are addicted towards social media.

However, others believe that it enhances the scope of teenagers towards education and culture. The new generation is the electronically addicted generation. Due to this addiction teenagers face many effects in their lives. This report aims at the different effects caused by social media on teenagers. Moreover to what extend social networking sites effects teenagers on their school success, relationship status, social life. This report also focuses on solutions of the given effects.

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Social media is a complex network in which people design their own profile and become users. After that, enlist other users in the profile and then interact socially in a virtual world of social media and exchange information in a close network. Advancement in the technology alters the learning technique of teenagers. They reside in a world of technology as a result, get technological capability prematurely. Moreover, this capability is very significant in their academic results (Prensky, 2001). It is carried out that teenagers operate these social sites for doing pleasure activities rather than for academic success (Luckin et al, 2009, p. 87-104). Specific investigator bring into light that high school student operates these media only to strong their social dominance over the other users ction