In Presidential Election of 1828 with candidates John Quincy Adams and Andrew JacksonIn Presidential Election of 1828 with candidates John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson

In Presidential Election of 1828 with candidates John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, marked one of most personally debatable election in the history of the United States of America. The election of 1828 was noteworthy as it indicated an intense change with the election of a man widely viewed from a perspective as a champion of the common people. The year 1828 campaign was a noteworthy for the intense personal attacks widely employed by the supporters of both candidates. Although Andrew Jackson had the most electoral votes, he has been denied the presidency by the House of Representatives. With this information being presented, the way Jackson and Adam’s campaigned changed was determined by denial, favoritism, and unworthiness of presidency.
Andrew Jackson’s election to the Presidency in 1828 made a serious change in America’s reaction towards the nation’s course and politics. According to Document 1: Proceedings of the Anti-Jackson Convention in Richmond, 1828, Andrew Jackson was “unfit for the Presidency” and “his election would be eminently dangerous”, which caused disqualification for the presidency (Document 1). While the voting was active, rallies and conventions were held to declare the peoples’ support for the candidates. Because the “Anti-Jackson” convention in Richmond and Virginia listed reasons why Jackson was not fit for the nation’s highest office, it was one of the reasons why Jackson was disqualified. While Adam was known for thoughtfulness, Jackson had a reputation for violent encounters and combats. Jackson and Adams had multiple differences about themselves which is how the election was shaped to the public on who was going to be elected for president. Even after the fact that the votes were cast, both Jackson and Adams had wild stories about themselves in the past, which went into the pages of partisan newspapers to inform the people as to who they would want as president. Since the people were skeptical about Jackson running for president, their attention turned towards Adams.
During the 1828 election, words and images were being used according to Document 2: John Binns | Monumental Inscriptions, 1828 (Document 2). By using words and images along with them, it convinces the voters how their backgrounds were like and proof as to why one of them should be worthy for becoming president. One thing to be proven of presidency is would you abuse the power. In Document 3: New Jersey Pro-Jackson Convention, 1828, for which ever would be in power, they are aware that they have been weighed and found wanting (Document 3). Others’ faith is in their hands, which means they hope to have a honest and truthful president to accomplish their unhallowed purpose. Jackson has been elected for president, but according to the people, Adams needed the privilege to be given a re-election. Even though Jackson was already elected for president, the Anti-Jackson voters, the voters were the cause of the disqualification.
The election campaign style introduced during the election of 1828 has not continued in modern presidential elections. If this were the case, the voters would have had a decision based on rallies and protests to demand who is the president. For example, Donald Trump has been elected president and even though there were rallies and protests stating that the people do not want him as president, he is still in the president chair. From the past until now, we the people are not given as much rights as we were in the 1800s. There were multiple protests on Trump not becoming president, and instead of listening to the people, they are being ignored.
The way Jackson and Adam’s campaigned changed was determined by the appearance of actions. If the voters are not satisfied by the way the candidates, the chance of presidency will not be acquired. In history, it did not matter what the outcome was because if it did not satisfy the voters, it would not happen. People from the historical time learned that you should not elect someone for president if they do not have the proper appearance or the actions worthy of presidency.